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Features reporter @chicagotribune | @MedillSchool + @nuwbball alum | Cardi B and Hillsong's love child | 1913🔺

Chicago, IL
Joined on December 12, 2010

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Quoted @CTGuild

We're going to fight for a better company that invests in journalism and serves its readers by respecting its journalists.

We're back to bargaining tomorrow for a fair contract that protects journalists, serves readers and strengthens the company. This is another chance for @tribpub to finally do the smart, honorable thing and invest in journalism instead of serving the greed of hedge fund raiders.

🎣Gone phishing. Using this 20-minute lunch break to contemplate how some companies actually reward employees with bonuses, while others taunt them with the idea via egregiously insensitive cyber security schemes. @tribpub. in solidarity with @CTGuild ✊🏾

Quoted @byalisonbowen

In solidarity with @ctguild, I'm using this 20-minute lunch break to contemplate how some news orgs actually reward employees with bonuses, while others taunt them with the idea via bonkers and insensitive cyber security schemes.


Quoted @royalpratt

Tribune Publishing sent @chicagotribune journalists a faux phishing email saying we're getting $5,000-$10,000 bonuses if we just click <here> as a sort of security test. Considering Alden, and the economic challenged faced by our members @CTGuild, it's a gross exercise.

Other news orgs: Thank you for your hard work in an unprecedented and difficult year. Here is a bonus/stipend/support/extra time off/xyz Our news org:

I am honored to join the @chicagotribune masthead. Looking forward to collaborating more closely with our talented journalists as we work to tell the full stories of beautiful, diverse, complicated Chicago. Thank you @colinjmcmahon & @chrissywtaylor for the historic opportunity.

Quoted @HeidiStevens13

You love to see it. My editor @RochellSleets was promoted to the @chicagotribune masthead this week ❤️

You love to see it. My editor @RochellSleets was promoted to the @chicagotribune masthead this week ❤️

The one and only @RochellSleets! BEYOND well-deserved. #BlackWomanOnTheMasthead

Working your regular job while working on your own personal career while working on yourself while working out while working on your relationship while working on your friendships while working on other personal goals while trying to accommodate everyone while trying to sleep...

Real talk, it’s awful to not be able to safely see friends or family or travel, yet work productivity expectations carry on as normal. That doesn’t sit right with me. It didn’t in April and still doesn’t. What a miserable situation we’ve normalized.

Quoted @ModernNotoriety

Pokémon store in Japan 🇯🇵

If he get out and start whoopin ass what we supposed to do?

Has anyone become closer with their neighbors this year? Hoping to talk to a few different folks for a possible story.

Quoted @hinadirah

nah do you know how cold you have to be the freak the abc’s like this?! #verzuz

This is the only version of the ABCs my future children will learn

wow, nearly three hours of uninterrupted peace on this hellsite all cause of the healing power of patti and gladys.

Honestly, the #Verzuz between two Black women artists have consistently been superior.

There’s nothing I love more than to see seasoned Black women cut tf up.

Here’s to pink sequins, red bottoms, Aunties and Black Joy! #verzuzbattle

The face touch up. The shoe swap. The red bottoms. Yes Auntie! #Verzuz

“We’re not working together we’re being together” Mmmmmm. I felt that. #Verzuz

She ain’t never call this man chirren bebe’s kids 😭😂😂 #Verzuz

I hope the kids know we have Patti’s “Love, Need and Want You” to thank for Nelly & Kelly Rowland’s Dilemma #Verzuz

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