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Tweets about motorsports. Actively following IndyCar. Personal account @trumpetchris.

Mesa, AZ
Joined on March 07, 2019

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Quoted @JimmieJohnson

Looks like my race schedule just went from 12 to 13 races for next year. 🤙

Going to take time getting used to the idea of 'Jimmie Johnson the #indycar driver.'

Quoted @PitlaneParley

New IndyCar layout at Nashville via multiple outlets #IndyCar

New IndyCar layout at Nashville via multiple outlets #IndyCar

Over a bridge!! This is cool.

I expect #IndyCar to Nashville will be announced at a Wednesday event billed as an announcement of "a major sports and entertainment event addition to occur annually in downtown Nashville."

Curious as to what the Foyt news will be today.

Racing has been my favorite sport since I was old enough to really follow anything. I never went to any races until I was an adult. Looking back, my parents probably would have taken me to races if I had just asked. Having lived in NW Ohio, there were so many accessible tracks.

Someone put Blade Runner 2049 music to drone footage of San Francisco on 9/09/20 credit to Terry Tsai (YouTube) #BayArea #BayAreaFires

Quoted @jeff_gluck

$1 a month??? 🤯 Jump on this one, folks. Best deal I’ve seen yet to subscribe to @TheAthletic.

Sign me up. Going to try this out.

@JRHildebrand @josefnewgarden @JimmieJohnson @F1 @NASCAR @IndyCar It also makes me think “JR is gonna need a new number for the 500?”

The @JimmieJohnson headline reminds me of something I've been thinking about: @F1 is still where you go to see the most advanced motorsport product. @NASCAR is where you go to see motorsport presented as entertainment. @IndyCar is where you go simply to see racers racing.

So... if we consider Castroneves no longer an active IndyCar driver, Sato now has more 500 wins than any other active driver. #indycar #indy500

Quoted @MattWeaverAW

Opinion: IndyCar and the Indianapolis 500 doesn’t need green-white-checkers. It needs an audience who better appreciates the (entire) green-to-checkers.

Well spoken.

Quoted @jeff_gluck

Slept on it. Still think IndyCar should have thrown the red flag. This week’s Top 5 column:

Nope. While I wanted a chance at the W, a 1.5 hour track repair combined with the fact there are no gimmicks in @IndyCar racing means the #Indy500 ran its course like it should’ve. Some may be upset, but as a competitor that’s the way it’s always been and should be.

Quoted @AP_Sports

Column: Indy 500 protects tradition over a better finish. by @JennaFryer

That’s right. You tell ‘em, @JennaFryer!

@chrisautosport Felt surreal to call Sato a two-time #INDY500 champ. It’s a testament to who he is and how he’s been able to cement his legacy in #INDYCAR.

Quoted @DaveG_Sports

For the record, the attenuator was in very bad shape after Spencer's wreck. The red would have been a VERY long red to fix it properly, and if you don't fix it properly, you're not gonna run green flag laps. It's not an ideal finish, but it's the finish we get this year #Indy500

I was told it would have taken at least 90 minutes to repair.

Quoted @JennaFryer

IndyCar: “IndyCar makes every effort to end races under green, but in this case following the assessment of the incident, there were too few laps remaining to gather the field behind the pace car, issue a red flag and then restart for a green-flag finish.”

Correct call.

@shimi_raikkonen How are you handling this???

Here comes Sato!!!!

Can anyone beat Dixon?

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