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Joe Biden was in elected office for 44 years and he's still running on what he's *going* to do. Donald Trump has been in office for 4 years and he's running on what he actually has accomplished. Which do you think is a better choice for President? 🤔

RT if Gavin Newsom should be recalled & removed from office immediately for unconstitutionally shutting down California!

Imagine if the left spent as much time stopping black on black crime and actually improving their communities as they do painting BLM Inc. murals on the street and antagonizing the president 🤔

Gavin Newsom is a repulsive, authoritarian tyrant.

It is immoral and anti-science to close schools this Fall.

Senator Mazie Hirono just called Trump supporters White Supremacists live on MSNBC That’s what Democrats and the media think of us. Its disgusting that this lie was allowed to be spewed on air @MSNBC should be ashamed. RT!

America would be a better place if the left cared more about Elizabeth Warren pretending to be a Native American than they do about the Washington Redskins' logo.

Did you know: Almost 20 massive, left wing activist groups backed by George Soros applied for and received between $8.5 million and $20.7 million in PPP loans meant for small businesses Why are we funding radicals whose only goal is destroying & "dismantling" America?

Facts: At least 64 people were shot and 13 were killed in Democrat-run Chicago over the weekend, including a 15-year-old black boy Where are the BLM inc. protestors for his life? Or does it not “matter” if he wasn’t killed by police? 🤔

This man is NOT black according to Joe Biden Maybe Joe doesn’t want him spreading the TRUTH about the Democrat Party’s bitter, racist history Know the facts, don’t let the media lie to you Subscribe to hear @magamuscles’ message:

Just so we’re clear: The same people who think a cloth “mask” will stop a virus believe a border wall won’t stop illegal border crossings. 🤔

A white woman was reportedly murdered for saying “all lives matter” Remind me again how these riots are all just “peaceful protests?” 🤔

Let me get this straight: The Democrat party elected a black president, a Somali immigrant, and a has a Hispanic party chair And yet they’re trying to tell us that America is a systemically racist country that is unfair to immigrants & minorities? 🤔

Commutations by President: Bill Clinton—61 in 8 years George W. Bush—11 in 8 years Donald Trump—11 in 4 years Barack Obama? 1,715 in 8 years. Remind me again who abused their presidential power? 🤔

New York City is asking for $7.4 billion in bailout funds after defunding their police and allowing rioters to destroy the city Any state or city that supports defunding the police should not get a cent of federal bailout money. RT if you agree!

White Privilege is a racist lie. Every American is capable of making their own choices. This country allows you to make a winner or loser of yourself, for yourself. LEARN MORE—>

Why does California need to release thousands of criminals from prison to “keep them safe?” If masks work like the “experts” tell us, why not just give all the prisoners masks? 🤔

Why are Democrats okay with Gavin Newsom commuting the sentence of 8,000 California convicts but not Donald Trump commuting the sentence of Roger Stone—a non-violent first time offender? 🤔

Bill Clinton commuted the sentence of domestic terrorist Susan Rosenberg, who now runs fundraising for BLM Inc. Barack Obama commuted the sentence of "Chelsea" Manning—one of the worst American traitors The activist media: *silent* So why are they outraged over Roger Stone?

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