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Joe Biden called President Trump's virus travel ban "hysterical xenophobia & fear-mongering" He just re-instated a ban keeping residents of almost 30 countries out of the United States. When did he decide that travel bans weren't actually fear-mongering xenophobia?

Gavin Newsom is re-opening his state despite "the science" saying the worst of this pandemic is yet to come. Gretchen Whitmer, Andrew Cuomo, Lori Lightfoot and DC's Mayor Bowser all did the same within days of Biden's Inauguration Coincidence? 🤔

The day Joe Biden was sworn in, America had the single highest one-day death total 2 days later—Washington DC decided to re-open indoor dining 3 days later—Chicago decided to re-open indoor dining Democrats killed thousands of small businesses and it was never about the virus.

Joe Biden admitted that he has no plan to change the trajectory of the pandemic over the next few months A record-high number of people died with COVID the day he was sworn in Wouldn't the media be blaming this on Trump if he were still in office? That's how this works, right?

In less than 72 hours, Joe Biden: —Killed 70,000+ jobs —Eliminated women's sports —Invaded Syria —Left the National Guard to freeze in a garage —Admitted he doesn't have a plan to fight COVID —Broke his own mask mandate EO —Ended US energy independence Do you miss Trump yet?

Joe Biden promised to govern as a moderate. On day one he signed EO's: —Letting biological men take over women's sports & locker rooms —Calling for amnesty for millions of illegals —Ending deportations —Killing thousands of good paying jobs Is anyone surprised?

When Donald Trump wanted to use the National Guard to protect cities, Democrats were outraged When Donald Trump's federal officers used tear gas on violent protestors, Democrats were outraged But when Joe Biden does, Democrats act like nothing is wrong. What changed? 🤔

Washington DC's Mayor just suddenly decided to lift the ban on indoor dining—two days after Joe Biden's inauguration. This was never about the virus. It was about getting Donald Trump out of office.

Joe Biden can violate his own executive order mandating masks on federal lands because he was "celebrating" but Americans can't "celebrate" birthdays, weddings, baptisms, anniversaries or anything else without fear of being fined or arrested. Rules for thee but not for me.

RT if you miss Kayleigh McEnany behind the WH press podium

Federal agents in Portland shot tear gas at insurrectionists who were attempting to storm a federal ICE facility in Portland last night Where is the media coverage of Joe Biden’s reaction to “peaceful protests?”

Does Joe Biden’s new executive order mandating masks on federal property not apply to Joe Biden while he’s on federal property? Because here he is at the Lincoln Memorial with no mask just hours after signing it. 🤔

Some of Biden's day one Executive Actions: —Defend the DACA program —Preserve protections for Liberians in America —Rejoin the WHO —End the Travel Ban —End the Keystone XL Pipeline —Change ICE arrest priorities —End Border Wall construction How does any of this help Americans?

Joe Biden’s Inauguration theme today was ‘American Unity’ He then proceeded to use his inauguration speech to call Trump supporters white supremacists, nativists, and domestic terrorists. Is that what “unity” looks like now?

Joe Biden is going to spend the first 100 days of his term fighting to tear down Trump’s border wall and restrict Second Amendment rights after being sworn in protected by walls, fences, and guns. 🤔

Joe Biden is in office, the Chinese Communist Party is elated. Tells you everything you need to know about the next administration and where America stands now.

I love America more than I love politics or any party. I pray Joe Biden will do what is right for our country. I am skeptical & I can almost guarantee he won’t. But nevertheless I sincerely hope he does what's right for this, the greatest country on earth. Pray for our leaders.

Après nous, le déluge.

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