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Don’t miss out on this fantastic day out in the Kent Countryside. Come and enjoy the beautiful weather and experience this countryside event. You won’t regret !

Anyone interested in Equine or Heavy Horses need to attend the Lions Club of Sevenoaks Heavy Horse and Rural Craft Show at shoreham Sevenoaks TN14 7SA. 1st September 2019

Well I’m experiencing a new Hell from female followers from the USA 🇺🇸! Requests for Gift Cards or Cash has Changed to :- It’s will I pay a large contribution towards their Airfare? The answer is NO DEFINITELY NOT ! GET A JOB & PAY FOR YOUR OWN AIRFARE

For the Love of God will you Young American Women Stop Following me ! Stop asking for help with your data or personal Crisis. I’m not here to help you I have my Life problems just like You!!!!!

Finally some peace and happiness in my life

I’ve lost count of the number of Young American Women who have Followed Me. Every single one without exception has asked me for money or those damn gift cards after chatting with them for a day or so ! When is Twitter going to do something about it ?

This is an identity Warning to all my Brothers our there looking for a Life Partner on Twitter. Anyone following or thinking of following this Woman, DON’T DO IT !!!! You have been Warned ⛔️

What are all these beautiful and Sexy Girls gonna do when their looks start to fade away? Their lives will be like the setting Sun, except their Sun ain’t gonna Rise Again

Where does it say on Twitter that you decide to chat with a Girl that follows you. There is charge for talking with them. Almost every single one asks for Cash or Gift Cards it feels like internet prostitution, but without the Sex !!!

Quoted @iandicko73

I sort of like that.

I sort of like that.

What’s not to like !

Quoted @godcol1

Look people STOP TRYING TO SCAM ME out of my money because it doesn't work on me and I am not looking for love on here if I do it would be in my own Country if you ask me for money you will be BLOCK SO STOP IT😠😤😡🤬

Hey Brother I hear you and feel your pain ! What’s the matter with these American Women? Sadly it’s just Internet Prostitution !

Hello Twitter World Again Despite countless conversations with beautiful Women, why do they always have spoil it by asking for Money. I would just like to meet an equally Solvent Woman who can pay her way and not rely on me as their Sugar Daddy

Hello Twitter world I've cleared out all the dead wood and time wasters and would be scammers. So there's room for a genuine Woman who wants to chat and not try to fool an old fool who's heard all the lies before.

Hey A word of warning to all you decent Guys out there. Please beware of Rose Jayden@robertf5377298 Apparently looking for a relationship ? All she is looking for is your Cash Guys !!!!! You've been WARNED !!!!

Any genuine women out there who want to chat and get to know a guy who's been a widower for almost 3 years. Gold diggers and Scammers need not bother following me cuz I've heard it all, right !!!!'

Countryside Alliance calls for introduction of GCSE in Agriculture. Ingenious of the countryside Alliance. I work at a Land Based Agricultural College with a Free School as feeder into the College. This is long overdue!!!!

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