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“We are fearing for our lives. And that is why we are sending a message to all the citizens of the world, to keep their eyes on Uganda.” The words of Presidential candidate @HEBobiwine as he spoke to my colleague @BeckyCNN by phone earlier today as military surrounded his home.

The new film “MLK/FBI” depicts the FBI’s attempt to discredit & destroy Martin Luther King, a quest that ultimately failed - in part because the press didn't the bait. But director Sam Pollard says if it happened today, the press “would have taken it like a dog with a bone.”

Fox News “has been a very destructive force in our society, and it has radicalized many people,” says media columnist @Sulliview.

Law enforcement “need to wake up,” says former FBI agent @Ali_H_Soufan. “We’ve been warning… for more than two years about the spread of white supremacy, not only in the US, but the international connections that they have.”

Quoted @HEBobiwine

We are under siege. The military has jumped over the fence and has now taken control of our home

The world is watching.

Throwback to @camanpour on “being truthful, not neutral” as a journalist and the prospect of autocracy in America.

This is #GianniPicco, the UN diplomat who helped free my father and many other hostages, and now has Alzheimers. Please join myself and @CrisisGroup tomorrow at 11:30 ET for a Zoom panel in Gianni's honor, to raise money for his care. Moderator: @camanpour

“It’s ok to show your emotions. It’s ok to cry.” NFL player turned actor Nnamdi Asomugha reflects that for many Black men growing up, emotional honesty wasn't encouraged. With his new film “Sylvie’s Love”, he wants to change that: “We should remove that stigma.”

Nnamdi Asomugha went from NFL cornerback to Hollywood actor, and now stars as the romantic lead in "Sylvie’s Love". He tells me that while he didn’t think he’d star in a period romance, "the script was just so rich and so full and it was just a story that needed to be told."

Israel has won praise for vaccination rollout, but drawn criticism for vaccinating settlers in the West Bank yet not Palestinians. Gideon Saar hopes to unseat Netanyahu as PM and says “we would like to help but we will be able to help only after taking care of our own citizens.”

Former Netanyahu ally Gideon Saar could be the candidate most likely to unseat the Israeli Prime Minister in the upcoming elections. He tells me “I don’t think Mr Netanyahu will be able to unite the nation,” and swears he won’t enter into a coalition with Likud.

.@FrancisRooney was a GOP Congressman until earlier this year & tells me “I probably would have voted for [impeachment] this time – and I almost did last time.” “We’ve seen so many instances of blind loyalty… throughout history of leaders, that leads to very bad consequences.”

“This is a moment of reckoning for the Republican Party and for our country,” says former GOP Congressman @FrancisRooney. “This guy incited people to do things that were… very destructive to the country… They all need to face the consequences, I think, including the president.”

You can see my full interview with Ugandan President @KagutaMuseveni here:

LGBT people in Uganda face widespread persecution, but President @KagutaMuseveni is unapologetic. "We think they are deviants," he tells me. "They are not killed… but we don’t promote them. We don’t promote and flaunt homosexuality as if it is an alternative way of life."

President @KagutaMuseveni of Uganda is running for a sixth term in an election that has been marred by violence and brutal crackdowns by security officials. Will he accept the results if he loses this week? “Of course,” he tells me, “because Uganda is not my house.”

Ugandan presidential candidate @HEBobiwine has proposed the Intl Criminal Court investigate President @KagutaMuseveni & top officials for human rights abuses. Museveni tells me he would hand over any evidence of abuses – “there’s nothing to hide… [but] we don’t need lectures.”

In November 54 people were killed amid protests after Ugandan presidential hopeful Bobi Wine was arrested. President @KagutaMuseveni claims “32 of the 54 were rioters attacking security forces.” And the other 22? They “died through circumstances which we are still investigating.”

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