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Angel Mom Virginia Krieger



Angel Mom of Tiffany Leigh Robertson. Founder P-A-I-N Parents Against Illicit Narcotics. I fight to keep your children safe because Tiffany would want me to.

Joined on August 06, 2012

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Exactly and if we sit back and do nothing they will get away with it. It shouldn't just be conservatives concerned about election integrity, EVERYONE should be concerned and want this if you are honest, good people.

Quoted @BillFOXLA

NEW: Video of witness reaction to the LASD deputies being ambushed & shot in Compton with these men seemingly celebrating what they’ve just seen. One yells “No justice, no peace!” as one of the deputies struggles to stand up. @FOXLA

They ask people to love and show compassion, but they can't find love and compassion for others in themselves. I'm beyond speechless and profoundly saddened by this horrific reaction to the attempted murder of not one but two human beings.

St. Louis Judge sentences cartel-connected drug dealer to 25 years for trying to establish cocaine pipeline from Mexico to St. Louis with the Sinloa Drug Cartel. On arrest suspect was found with 11 pounds of cocaine.

Portland DA being sued for open support of ANTIFA. Portland residents who don't want to see their city taken over by ANTIFA need to step up or move out. DOJ considers pursuing charges against officials in Portland |

Quoted @c0lettea

@KamalaHarris but the chimney's aren't headstones. As devastating as these fires are the people are alive. Try visiting the over 800,000 victims of illicit drugs in our cemeteries in 7 yrs due to the policies you support, those are headstones. |

I'm deeply offended that Harris compared chimneys to headstones while standing on the bodies of over 800,000 of our dead loved ones in just 7 years due to the illicit narcotics she continues to enable to pour over our borders destroying our families & communities. @KamalaHarris

5 from the Party of Socialism and Liberation charged with felony kidnapping and inciting riots after well armed rioters unlawfully barricaded the doors of an Aurora Colorado police precinct with officers inside in an attempt to occupy the facility in July

Quoted @thehill

Speaker Pelosi: "We support peaceful demonstrations. We participate in them. They are part of the essence of our democracy. That does not include looting, starting fires, or rioting. They should be prosecuted. That is lawlessness."

First of all she had to include racial overtones right at the start of her speech and I shut her down. Second, after billions of dollars in damage and MONTHS of rioting Pelosi finally speaks out. Far too little and way too late.

Quoted @JessicaV_CIS

California sheriff resists demands for tighter sanctuary policies:

Mexican drug dealers hide in migrant communities to blend in, they drive old cars to blend in, they only carry small amounts of drugs at any given time & deliver chemical death right to your front door Drug related deaths are 150% higher in & around sanctuary cities for a reason

🇺🇸#TuneIn2InTune on @PatriotsInTune Thurs; 9/17/2020 @ 9pm ET/6pm PT On @PatriotsInTune show w/hosts @heytootssweet~&~@JewelsJones1 🇺🇸Lavern Spicer / @lavern_spicer🇺🇸 US House Candidate, FL-24 #Florida #FL26 #Miami #Blexit 🇺🇸SUBSCRIBE (It's free):

What goes around comes around and it's FINALLY coming around!

4) It's past time for the people to realize that we aren't hapless victims, WE are in control and WE decide what is or is not okay in our society. So get it together people and #RiseUp #BoycottHollywood

3) Royalties are paid to these hate mongers every time you even watch a re-run of an old movie or show. You can defund Hollywood by turning them OFF, blocking them on social media and NOT clicking on stories about them. We feed them and we can starve them out by NOT consuming.

2) This epidemic began with the entertainment industry normalizing and glamorizing drug use the same way that they are now trying to normalize and glamorize child sexual exploitation on Netflix. We created them and WE can end them. #BoycottHollywood

If a single celebrity spreading hate really cared about humanity they would be addressing the unprecedented drug epidemic in this nation which has claimed over 800,000 lives since 2013, including their own artists. But they don't speak out, they enable it with their silence.

Once again Sanctuary City policies release murderers and threaten innocent citizens. 16 yr old Gabriela Ardon never stood a chance when she was brutally murdered. None of our children are safe anymore.

3 tons of cocaine bound from Mexico to NYC intercepted. Illicit fentanyl laced cocaine is responsible for more than 110,000 U.S. deaths since 2013 and those numbers are significantly rising in 2020.

But the media and democrats will continue to blame Trump for the spread of an airborne virus. #LiberalHypocrisy

Racism is alive and well but it's BLM who are the racists. They don't want "equality" they want societal control and superiority and if you don't give it to them they will destroy you, everything you have and even kill you. BLM is the black version of the KKK.

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