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Return your medals KK

Those that come back have low IQ!

Banana Republicans #ImpeachmentTrial

Dear Clintons, You know what's deplorable? Being Impeached!!! #BasketOfDeplorables

In Round 1 of #RWCEpicMoments I'm voting for Uruguay's awesome try. Which @DHLRugby Epic Moment gets your vote? #VoteUruguayTry

#FIJvURU Congrats Teros, great game, great effort. Vamos Uruguay!!!

#GERSWE that was a penalty, shame on the refs and the rest.

Papelon, y el himno de Uruguay? #CopaAmerica

Y ese himmo de quien es? #MEXvURU

Sprint sucks. I had an app to get my new phone, got to Sprint store and no phone!!! Whaaat? I have an order number!!!

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