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We looked inside some of the tweets by @brittaniayana and here's what we found interesting.

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im sorry but zuko and mai are actually adorable #goals n whatnot

you lying about being a muslim n trans person, I guess you just tried gather up damn near every oppressed group you could think of

as a muslim girl, I wanna know what it is about islam that makes ppl feel comfortable lying about being muslim whenever they wanna run from sht lmao... what is it like I’m curious

aya is not going to heaven... like, at all..... how dare you lol

90s Babie! ❀️♋️ https://t.co/9kKpUmxl3f

90s Babie! ❀️♋️ https://t.co/9kKpUmxl3f

katara wants to control everything cause her mom died on her and she couldn’t control her dad leaving the tribe and she needs to work on that like....

I wish she would just stop talking. She’s always running her mouth, always in somebody’s business, always putting them in situations cause she refuses to mind her own

I absolutely hate katara bro she’s so annoying

Quoted @bratzkth

@csbcore I will not but e for effort πŸ’œ

the fact that they tearing you up for simply saying no😭 https://t.co/3OAd3RfvQO

craving crab legs and corn rn oh my god

ppl have their products replicated all the time and are perfectly fine. that doesn’t mean it’s okay ofc, it’s just to show that he’s not hurting from *that*. If he was, something would’ve been said a VERY long time ago because his art is very popular

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