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Gil Stewart


Albuquerque, NM
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Quoted @RexChapman

Not all heroes wear capes. This is my America...

This is how my America treats others. #nmpol #nmleg #nmdems

Breakfast of Champions, fo real !!

Himalayan Salt Block for the win, fresh peaches on the mushrooms ain’t bad either !!

Go to dinner , meatloaf

Who loves to cut there own bacon off the slab for breakfast

Let’s call it chicken thighs

As Frank Sinatra would sing New York ... NEW YORK

Mini Neat loaves.. with my favorite bacon wrapped around them .. don’t forget the veggies

Baby backs be looking good .. the final touch 2 more hours and done

Listen to the spritz .. nutin but sexy bro

Who’s in the mood?

Baby Backs .. oh ya

Chicken Marsala a forgotten recipe

I’m happy about my dinner tonight

Happy Trails Coach .. until we meet again 🏈🏈🏈

Quoted @CNNSotu

“I feel like for every Native American child who has never ever seen themselves represented in this body of our government, it means a tremendous amount to them,” Democratic Rep.-elect Deb Haaland says about being one of the first two Native American women in Congress. #CNNSOTU

Thank you for having me on @jaketapper! I’m ready to get to work for my district. Representation matters.

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