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#Blog #Jamaica DRAG RACING FULL THROTTLE 5 THE FINAL LETDOWN PART 2 - Samoa and other places have already welcomed 2018 You have never heard of Samoa As we welcome 2018 I will avoid the temptation to be both philosophical and profound I will be succin...

#Blog #Jamaica DRAG RACING FULL THROTTLE 5 THE FINAL LETDOWN PART 1 - Nothing signals the beginning of a new day like the rising sun If you are observant you would have noticed that weather or other natural occurrences excluded each day is eerily simi...

#Blog #Jamaica 6 Facts About Cases Everyone Thinks Are True - The significance of the Loopy Phone Cases. People are usually faced with several problems each day, some of them are inevitable while others can be avoided by practicing some safety procedu...

#Blog #Jamaica CULTURE VULTURE: National Gallery mounts “Portraits in Dialogue”/“Engaging Abstraction” + Holgate follows up Garvey musical with Forbidden Fruit + Glacia Robinson, JC Lodge among acts for Rebel Salute

#Blog #Jamaica GIVING BACK: JN Foundation hosts special ‘Moneybags’ performance + Bolt returns to Sherwood Content for Boxing Day treat + Rohan Marley supports Heart Institute-sponsored track meet - GUEST OF HONOUR: Rohan Marley may be in the island t...

#Blog #Jamaica I didn’t like Star Wars the Last Jedi - I watched Star Wars the Last Jedi on opening night here in Japan. I gave it a few days and I will watch it again after this post, but, I didn’t like the film… Incoming spoilers Snoke is dead? Rei’...

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