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Is it friday yet. Ugh so over math class.

TOTES OUR FAV KINDA MATH!! Soo accurate = The math behind the look of Reese Witherspoon lst night: via @whdydid_dotcom

tweet tweet tweet, do you miss us friends??

RT @moonfrye: Join my Yahoo! Ripple of #Kindness to support those affected by Alzheimer’s. #fightalz

Have you shared ur #kindness yet!?!?!? OMG, luv this ----->>>

luv @ashong and his Ripple of #Kindness! Def starting our own!!

Hey guyz--this is important- RT @joinred “Ten Absurdly Easy Ways to Go (RED) for World AIDS Day” by @tonic

Totes a cold morning!! Brrrrr!!!! But itz sooooooOooooOoO sunny! Yays!

Zomg!!! Happeee turkey day luvs!!! Eat lots and lots of food todayyyy!!!

Happy #Thanksgiving peeps! Check out this special message of gratitude from #endmalaria. Let's keep helping kidz!

Looking for a fun, fab girl to follow on #twitter? Our new fav is @askeliz... we ♥ her!! xo

Omg Omg omggggg so cold out! Bumski Fo realz!

@lola_me0w mmmmmm yummiez!!!!

@SonOfaPitchAndy ewwwwwiez!!! We hopes not!

Sharon MT
10 years ago

@blahgirls i actually like Willow's 'Whip my Hair'

Peave & LUV!!! <3 RT @NickCannon: Don't let negative people drain you today

We gotsa to get some new beats up in this betch!!! What r ur fave songz ta dance to?!!

Omg let's get some shoez! RT @eyegossip: Hot shoes under $100 @ Piperlime

@beingmarialola kisses kisses! We love you! 

@DacopuriSparkZ bein so totes gorgeouZ & fabulouZ!

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