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my credentials are impeccable

Philadelphia, PA
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i'll kiss every last one of you

some nice stuff out here tonight guys, keep up the good work

i always like my pal's tweets,,, cuz i'm a good friend πŸ‘

the elite bike cops tweet was 3 years ago

hey @AnnaHorford what do you think? was this a good tweet?

he can spit in my mouth if they take al horford

Quoted @ShamsCharania

Kings guard Buddy Hield has tested positive for coronavirus, sources tell me and @sam_amick.

can we get him on a discount now???????????? ???????? ??? https://t.co/VekcJ3GgRR

i love my girlfriend there i said it go ahead and cancel me

astounding how their entire generation is a bunch of stupid racist sheep

imagining how awesome it would be if boomers were banned from computers

thinking of posting a good tweet

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