Tips and mission news from the Iconfactory's iPhone game, Astronut!

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v1.1.1 @AstronutApp update out for iPhone & fixes a bug keeping you from continuing at game's end (sorry all!) Go get it!

Posted a bunch of early Astronut ideas, concepts, and art to @dribbble:

Thanks! We think… RT @brdrck The Astronut by @Iconfactory has to be the best game to play when poopin'. Just sayin.

May you live to be 1,000 years old! RT @hotcereal I've bought Astronut for iPad three times and I don't have an iPad.

Don't forget to download our @AstronutApp wallpapers, now updated for iPad retina! -

I just earned the 'Eye of the Needle' achievement in Astronut

Astronut for iPad lands on the iPad and it's pretty awesome!

Astronut for iPad now in the App Store. Play via remote control w/ iPhone version, retina graphics!

A peek at the Astronut remote control UI:

@CheckMyDubsTep Wow, nice cadet!

In case you missed my becoming a bonafide Astronut in @astronutapp, yesterday ::

Completed Astronut @astronutapp ! Last levels were damn tricky. Great game guys @Iconfactory ! #iphone

It's very hard to play Astronut effectively with my toddler’s head in the way. She loves watching me play.

@macgasm Astronut, Infinity Blade, The Incident, & Orba. All worth the $ and incredibly addictive.

So many good games right now. Playing Astronut and loving it!

If you enjoy it, please leave a rating for Astronut 1.0.1 in the App Store. Could really use your help, thanks!

Astronut 1.0.1 has been approved & should be appearing in the App Store soon. Here's what's new -

Bring me the finest muffins and bagels in the land; I have passed the Barbed Nebula in Astronut:

@gmws82 If you didn't lose ANY heart pieces then you wouldn't need to try/again continue. :-)

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