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i hope every single girl i’ve ever met in a bar bathroom is doing okay

if my dj dreams don’t work out i’m gonna play professional pool

hydrating yourself with the melted ice from the bottom of your alcoholic drink >>>

Quoted @FuntCaseUK

Can we start outing DJ’s who are really nice and wholesome too? I’m sure there’s a shit load that deserve a shout out that you guys have met πŸ€—

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i honestly don’t believe there’s a limit to the amount of weed i can smoke

i’m gonna decorate my future apartment like the inside of a raising cane’s

if i could celebrate one holiday this year it would be Halloween and Halloween only.

7 days ago

w all these artists getting cancelled/quitting their careers, I really hope the newer gen of artists finally get some booking spots on major fests/events.

now do you see why victims are so afraid to come forward

Instead of bashing people that enjoyed music & made memories through what an artist put out. Put your efforts towards creating a better future for the rest of the world.

just wanna say stay strong y’all, your feelings are valid now is a GREAT time to discover smaller artists who deserve a spotlight

how are you gonna take responsibility and still call it β€œuntrue” in the same statement i-

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