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Founder @Felicis | Investor @Adyen @Shopify @Fitbit @Pluralsight @Rovio @GuardantHealth @opendoor @notionhq | lucky husband & father

Menlo Park, CA
Joined on August 10, 2007

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So excited to see @VerkadaHQ (#10), @GuildEducation (#31) & @sendosohq (#46) included on the list of Top 50 Emerging & Most Resilient startups by @LinkedIn for 2020 - they all stand out with their growth, resilience and adaptability ! https://t.co/dcJ70znKH9

Excited to get on @TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield Panel shortly to look at Perigree, Crover, Urban Kisaan, ClearFlame Engines & Canix with @anthonyha @ellie @chudson @arvnd #TCDisrupt https://t.co/uCwMzHDta1

Huge congrats to @felicis partner @victoriatr for investing in the latest round of @usealloy as it creates the complete identity OS powering the future of financial services. We're proud to back @tommyrva @lauraspiekerman & their awesome team ! https://t.co/e4ZAVkVN37

Quoted @Opendoor

Today we announced our intent to become a public company, marking a major milestone for us on our mission to empower everyone with the freedom to move. https://t.co/YNyW0441vd

Huge congrats to @ericwu01 & team @opendoor; even from the seed round, this was a big idea to reinvent how home sales are done, still more to grow ! https://t.co/XMvKvDq1dY

Incredible to see stellar execution by @RecursionChris & his team @RecursionPharma announcing a $239M raise along with a major partnership w @Bayer for AI drug discovery - we are proud to continue our support w @speechu leading https://t.co/ctvvjMJSkc

Goals for tech should be people in 2070 saying - “I‘d rather be a peasant today than a king 50 yrs ago. They had dirty air, uncontrolled viruses, were dying prematurely and trapped on one planet. Things were awful.”

So excited for our partner @speechu to lead a $25M round for @PicnicHealth & join the journey w @nogaleviner @troyastorino & team to build the most amazing, patient centric, data network business in healthcare ! https://t.co/g9XEh9WeaH

Weekend inspiration: world’s oldest married couple at 79 years and they’re 110 and 105 years old ! Amazing - something happy... https://t.co/0Lo7qgSpA4

Wow going from "What is Shopify ?" in 2010 to now in 2020 startups pitching at @ycombinator as "Shopify for X" - true testament to the power of @Shopify & its mission to empower all entrepreneurs around the world - so cool to see @tobi @harleyf https://t.co/TonwYyNBUQ

Quoted @eclaireoh

We break our own rules. More anti concentrated bets. LPs want GPs to manage risk. We take calculated risks. Place bold bets. Truly global. Complete differentiation. Awesome stories on global #VC from @asenkut & @felicis invested in @Rovio @Shopify @Adyen #SVBGlobalConnect https://t.co/l8bbBznOGt

We break our own rules. More anti concentrated bets. LPs want GPs to manage risk. We take calculated risks. Place bold bets. Truly global. Complete differentiation. 

Awesome stories on global #VC from @asenkut & @felicis invested in @Rovio @Shopify @Adyen #SVBGlobalConnect https://t.co/l8bbBznOGt

Thank you @eclaireoh @jrmarshall32 & @SVB_Financial team to have me as a panelist - it was a blast to share some of our key learnings and how we continue scaling our global #VC platform @felicis ! https://t.co/V46qncqDGW

Quoted @kpfortney

COVID-19 has the greatest impact on the elderly, driven by immune aging. Today BioAge announced our plans to initiate a Phase 2 clinical trial in older COVID-19 patients with BGE-175, a drug that directly targets immune aging. So proud of the whole team making this happen! https://t.co/CbUQYb6dz1

So proud of @kpfortney & @bioagelabs work moving later stager clinical trials to boost immune response in elderly especially in context of Covid 19 ... https://t.co/gHKgzC2Ruo

3 months ago

If 2010 decade was about rise of new/seed VC funds - Felicis, Initialized, Costanoa, Uncork, Freestyle, etc. (too many to list, don't @ me!) - then this forthcoming decade may be about LPs backing individuals w/ huge funds who compete directly w/ traditional VC firms @ A/B stage.

Great article on @wsj by @aatilley - in the age of record cloud deployment; it's like being in a house with 100/1000 rooms, lights are on and water is on but no one can tell where there is waste... https://t.co/QbOcCYKMgV

Quoted @kevinbusque

It’s been an exciting week! Yesterday, we shared that @Guideline401k ranked 7th overall in new 401(k) plans added in 2019. Today, we announced our Series D financing—an $80+ million round, co-led by Generation Investment Management and Greyhound Capital: https://t.co/nrGqx27Epq

What an amazing growth story @Guideline401k and now further validation with a $80M+ round for @kevinbusque & team - now ranked 7th in 401K plans added in 2019 ! Modernizing & reinventing retirement ! https://t.co/lHHkLbC6De

Having done the first I18N project at Google ‘99, I couldn’t be more excited to see @nikipez lead the seed round for @KUDOway & partner w @Fzabetian / his awesome team to reinvent multilingual meetings using real-time translations: https://t.co/Hgcnaxe264

Quoted @sqs

Thanks to you and the rest of the @felicis team for helping us get @srcgraph universal code search to every dev! https://t.co/vhEzkZMwxR

So impressed with @sqs and his team @srcgraph - with customers like Amazon, we see an amazing path ahead and feel grateful to be your partner @felicis https://t.co/gdx1fQRIr1

So proud of @ClearLabsInc team for winning 2020 Food Safety Innovation Award ! Doing well by doing good, and that with a product much needed amidst our worsening food supply... https://t.co/eKo6B7TZIF

Quoted @speechu

This week is *seven* years for @dashamaggio and *four* for @nikipez at Felicis. Crazy how fast time has gone!

Indeed ! https://t.co/TqwlKk8FtZ

Great opinion piece by ⁦@TheEconomist⁩ “kids are not all right - When easing lockdowns, governments should open schools first” via ⁦@soniaarrisonhttps://t.co/rDylp54G3i

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