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Sydney, Australia
Joined on April 28, 2009

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Quoted @jimmyfallon

.@PanicAtTheDisco, @theroots and I perform “Under Pressure” with At Home Instruments #FallonAtHome #QuaranTune

This is very very good :-)

New song out tomorrow!

All your @VirginAustralia points are now pointless :-(

Fourth birthday party with his fave song, thanks @artvsscience 🐝

Went to write “sole trader” and it came out as “dole trader”. Ouch

Will all the seagulls in Bondi just die now there are no people with chips?

Just put the butter in the freezer THE THIN VEIL OF CIVILISATION IS SLIPPING

Changing some of our old lyrics to better reflect current conditions: Heeeeey! Hooooooo! Use your flippers to *maintain a safe social distance, wash your hands and be safe and *get dooooown! #itsahit

Blessed are the meme makers who keep us chipper in these weird weird times

DW’s girlfriend Tash once had an anonymous person send her all of the lyrics to “You’re Beautiful” by @JamesBlunt in a late night text... creepy or nice?

Thanks for all your votes for Magic Fountain so far in the @triplej Hottest 100 of the decade. You make a 10 year old banger feel welcome

Voting is open for @triplej’s Hottest 100 of the past decade! You could hypothetically vote for Magic Fountain or A.I.M. Fire, or as the @hilltophoods suggested, just vote for Gangnam Style @psy_oppa #Hottest100ofthedecade #voteordie #triplej

Needs to be a word to describe that quizzical feeling you get when you approach a door with momentum and turn the handle expecting it to open, only to realise it’s locked as you thud into it...

SOLD OUT! Well done everyone. If you missed out on a ticket you can still donate to @redcrossau and wireswildliferescue and many others :-) See you on Saturday @ The Metro Theatre

Quoted @iampearlthegirl

Last night I had the pleasure of watching the @artvsscience boys for the first time and HOLY FUCK. Amazing!

Much obliged :-)

Tour starts tomorrow in a sold out Brisbane! Lets doooooo it. Come early for the mighty @clypsoishere and great___sage 📸 @markusravik @ The Foundry Brisbane

Our debut EP is ten! What! Check out the new remastered version on all streaming services now 🐬🇫🇷🕺

Stepping out of the weekend like... 📸 @markusravik

Peoples of the world playing with our O.T.E.O.T.E.A.I.F.F. album artwork 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Originally by @kindred_studio #avsfansarethebest @ Off The Edge

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