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Any big plans for the holiday weekend (Fourth of July in the U.S.)? Here's what we have in mind, some fantasy fiction!! This can be you!! @IanMcKellen

Are you caught up on #DavidTennant's family dramedy #ThereSheGoes? If not, it's one to watch.

#LesleyManville is joining @TheCrownNetflix. For the fifth and final season... are you caught up on the series?

Are you looking for plans this July? We got you with this monthly pop culture roundup. Can you let us know which item/s stand out to you!?

.@PierceBrosnan had a good run as 007. And now he's reflecting a bit. Everyone has their James Bond. Who's yours?

Are you sitting down? You may want to! #OliviaColman AND #ColinFirth are going to star opposite each other in the forthcoming movie #MotheringSunday. How excited are you? Emoticons only (please)! 😍

Do it! Oh wait, don't want anyone to get in trouble = don't do it! See how #MattSmith and #ClaireFoy filmed the stage production of 'Lungs' with social distancing in place.

#KateBeckinsale grabbed some pals to celebrate Pride Month. We moustache you a question, what do you think of her Freddie Mercury look?

Sure, we all know #ClintEastwood successfully transitioned into directing. But, some of these Anglo favorite actors-turned-directors may be new to you. @billiepiper

Well, this is a twist. #PiratesoftheCaribbean is getting a refresh, with #MargotRobbie set to star. We think we know the answer to this... but, would you prefer to see her as a pirate or a princess? We vote pirate!

.@idriselba has written an op-ed piece about improving diversity, calling on his speech to parliament four years ago. He credits #TheWire with his breaking out from the "best friend" and "sidekick" parts.

Sir Ian's bestie @SirPatStew is keeping busy, too. #PatrickStewart has signed on for a new role as a musician.

Prince Hamlet is usually played by an actor in his 20s. Not this time.

Hope you've had lunch already (dinner if you're in the U.K.). This round-up might make your mouth water.

These two are quite the match in the first trailer for #Ava. Does she remind you of anyone!?

Have you been watching the Irish series #NormalPeople? There's a special in the works -- 'Normal Older People' -- which will imagine Marianne and Connell forty years from now. @normalpeople

Have you been wondering where the TARDIS in #DavidTennant's backyard came from? Here's the answer!

Are you a fan of #KristenWiig's? If not, you're about to be! You can catch-up with her in the 2013 dramedy #TheSecretLifeofWalterMitty over at @AMC_TV.

You can look for #MarkRylance in the period drama #WaitingfortheBarbarians. His character questions his loyalty to the neighboring empire.

The story revolves around one night... "the night of their life" to be exact. Were you a fan of the band Take That back in the day?

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