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U.S. Senator from Minnesota. Text AMY to 91990 for updates.

Joined on April 20, 2009

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Quoted @benpershing

Trump making a prediction on third-quarter GDP numbers. "The good thing is the numbers will be coming out right before the election."

There are millions of Americans that are still unemployed and suffering due to the White House’s botched response to this virus. This is not a time for Donald Trump to be taking a victory lap.

Donald Trump, this is what denying the problem looks like.

Donald Trump, this is what denying the problem looks like.

Quoted @aarpmn

Minnesota's new insulin affordability program takes effect today. 👍 In response, Big PhRMA is filing a lawsuit. 👎 #StopRxGreed #Insulin4all #mnleg

The Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act that Nicole Smith-Holt fought for takes effect in MN today. Nicole lost her son Alec because he rationed his insulin when he couldn't afford it. Now big pharma is suing MN to stop the bill that will help many Minnesotans. It’s disgraceful.

Happy 60th anniversary of Somalia’s independence! Today in Minnesota and around the world we celebrate and honor the history and tradition of the Somali community.

Quoted @civilrightsorg

Thank you @amyklobuchar, @SenatorDurbin, @MarkWarner, @SenBlumenthal, @ChrisCoons, and @RonWyden for speaking out about why we need to ensure fair, safe, and accessible elections. Let's be clear: This should be a bipartisan emergency. #ProtectOurVote

I want to thank @amyklobuchar and several other senators for speaking out on the Senate floor today, and for demanding action to ensure fair and safe elections. As Sen. Klobuchar said, “We would rather put ballots in the envelope than voters in the hospital. It is that simple.”

But the Trump administration has been seizing tax refunds from borrowers that defaulted on their loans anyway. In a time of crisis. This must stop immediately and funds must be returned.

We’re in a pandemic, and during this uncertain time, student loan debt is a huge burden for many Americans. That’s why in the CARES Act Congress included a provision that temporarily suspended the collection of all federally held defaulted student loans.

Happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the north!🇨🇦🇨🇦🇺🇸🇺🇸 Let’s remember the banner that hung outside the Canadian Embassy for years and the words that still ring true today: “Friends, Neighbors, Partners, Allies."

Quoted @WhipClyburn

Pleased @SenAmyKlobuchar is leading the #InternetForAll Act in the Senate. She understands the needs of underserved communities & has been a consistent champion for high-speed internet access. I look forward to working together to pass this critical legislation in both chambers.

I’m proud to be leading the Senate version of @WhipClyburn’s #InternetforAll Act that will expand access to affordable, high-speed internet. Too many Americans do not have access to the internet. Let’s get this done.

Quoted @CAPAction

Despite Trump's lies, vote-by-mail is safe, secure, and necessary. U.S. veterans like Chris are speaking out in support of vote-by-mail—especially during the coronavirus crisis:

Chris risked his life serving in the military for our country. While he was serving, he voted by mail. He believes Americans shouldn’t have to risk their lives to vote. It’s time to prepare for the election. We need to pass my bill that will get it done.

As @marceelias points out, the President’s rhetoric that voting by mail is fraud makes one thing clear: he’s suppressing people’s right to vote. Our country cannot listen to his lies. It's time to expand early voting and vote by mail.

Just spent the last hour w/colleagues on the Senate floor leading effort to call for action to help states run safe elections. It’s time to expand early voting & vote by mail. Election Day is 126 days away. The President can tweet what he wants. The voters want to vote.

When it comes to the coronavirus, Americans trust the experts. And the Trump administration must do the same by actually listening to health experts instead of pushing a misleading narrative that puts the American people in harm's way.

Together our country will get through this crisis, but Congress cannot sit idly by and take a back seat. It’s time the Senate takes action on the HEROES Act to help the American people—now.

President Trump was briefed on Putin offering bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers. He's choosing to protect Putin instead of the American people and our troops. What an absolute disgrace.

The FEC will now lose quorum and be unable to function fully. Democrats have a nominee that is immensely qualified and would be the first person of color on the FEC. Yet Republicans refuse to move forward with the nomination. Our democracy deserves better.

.@2harvest continues to step up & help Minnesotans in times of need by ensuring everyone has food on their tables. Yesterday I visited the food shelf to learn more about how they are distributing food right now & talk about the work we’re doing in Washington to help fight hunger.

Today’s Supreme Court decision to strike down Louisiana’s law which would have shut down women's health clinics was the right thing to do. Next up: we need to codify Roe v. Wade and make it a federal law.

I travelled to Cuba with retired Marine Mike East when then Secretary ⁦@JohnKerry⁩ re-opened the U.S. embassy in Havana in 2015. It was a day I will never forget and my condolences to his family.

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