Amy Hardy met Will young

Olly murs and Will young are my top 2 idols seen Olly live 7 times and met him 8 times 28th October 19 seen Will young live for the first time and met him

South Shields, England
Joined on April 19, 2019

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Happy Saturday everyone have a nice weekend

Fed up with having pains in my stomach my stomach feels really sore this morning

Photos of me and @willyoung the one where he doesn’t have his hat on I touched his hair he let me

Photos of me and @willyoung the one where he doesn’t have his hat on I touched his hair he let me

Happy Wednesday everyone how you all doing

Happy birthday @Mustafa_Raksu have a lush day

Managed to watch the voice last night without falling asleep first time for about 3-4 weeks

Listen to I’m A Believer – The Monkees by Æ Soul Stone #np on #SoundCloud

I’ve noticed for Celebrities to notice you on twitter and Instagram try not to ask them to much and eventually they will notice you my Instagram mentions are now officially full of Celebrity Verified accounts likes and mentions and some in my twitter mentions

Any of you guys ever use Sound cloud

Can’t decide if I should either sign up in the Great North Run Ballot or buy a ticket to see @RakSuMusic in Newcastle i can only afford one out of them both

Whatever my mam is cooking for tea it smells really nice I can smell it down stairs from my bedroom

@willyoung⁩ check this out I sang and danced all night when I seen you in Newcastle

Happy Thursday everyone have a great day

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