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1 of 1,000 000s of vets who despise trump - Volunteers to help vets - Vietnam (2x) - AF - 55SRW. - Former LEO - Block MAGA and trump cult #Resist

Palm Desert, CA
Joined on July 21, 2016

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Lindsey Graham now thinks he can lecture Schumer on bringing this country together. Dear God these people are only good at one thing. Absolute hypocrisy

So word is that Ivanka is considering running against Rubio. So, Mouth of the South all your Bible verses and kissing trumps ass got you to the place that Batshit Barbie will primary against you. You are a damn idiot

Again any veteran or military member who supports Trump and the treasonous GOP is spitting on the Oath of Allegiance. They certainly are not patriots, they are traitors. A clear and present danger to America

trump will still be 75. He has the mind of a turnip, the health of a cadaver, the soul of, wait, he has no soul. Damn it will be great to have his ass in Mar A Lardo

trumps schedule for Thursday am includes golf, TV watching, using social media snd doing nothing important. So the exact same as every day during his term of office

The muskrat trump has had sitting on his head is even leaving Trump. That is serious

Rudy indicated that he will not represent trump be at his Senate trial. Word is he wants an actual lawyer

My greatest hope for Wednesday is that the media covers trump's assent into Marine ONE, then never cover another damn moment of his miserable life. Especially that fat ass landing at Mar-A-Lardo.

All I can think of is that from the first day, all I wanted was trump and his whole damn collection of miscreants and idiots to be gone. Less than two days and that dream will be realized. Thank God.

AOL asked, "What is president trump's legacy?" Are they kidding? That fool has no legacy. Soon he won't even be a memory. He was a complete failure at everything he touched. He was completely ineffective and a totally corrupt, miserable excuse for a leader. Legacy? Hah

We have to finally understand that we have two America’s. One based on hate, racism, bigotry, lies, dissent, corruption, ignorance, greed and treason, and the other on the values of America. trump has made it two countries.

On this day, we are reminded that MLK made us a part of a “dream”. We are also reminded that trump has made us a part of a “nightmare”

Once again the damn Republicans have left the country on a precipice of calamity. Even worse that Hoover and Bush combined. Once again it is up to Democrats to save our Republic. When the hell will they learn

Trump must be tried by the Senate. We cannot let his misdeeds go unpunished. If it takes a long time do what. That is called justice.

trumps pardons will be sold to the highest bidder. Hell, they already have if you consider him giving pardons to those who did not testify against his corrupt ass

It is also time to make it a federal felony to be armed on or near government facilities. If these treasonous Clowns think they will permanently lose their gun rights they will think twice

This is a time to demonstrate our will. We need to punish insurrectionists with lengthy prison sentences. Those like Qanon will not be dissuaded with anything less

The Right Wing has amplified their rhetoric. It is time to put some of these SOBs on jail. We cannot allow insurrectionists to walk the streets and the halls of Congress

trump is the outward manifestation of the ugly underbelly of American Society. They still support “the” Civil War, they are racist. The hate anyone of color or religious differences they are throwbacks. A study of those who made it halfway through Darwin’s process of evolution

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