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Deputy Weekend Editor at @nytimes in Washington. Former Political Editor, @texastribune. I miss breakfast tacos.

Washington, DC
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What if everyone had voted by mail in 2016? Trump would have still won, according to one analysis

Come November, Pat Fallon will almost certainly be elected to Congress from Texas. He got on the ballot over the weekend by winning the support of 82 people. Via @PatrickSvitek

The @GrittyNHL profile I never knew I always wanted

"At one point, the chair of the McLennan County GOP lamented, 'I invited every Black friend I know, and they didn’t show!'" Via @AlexSamuelsx5

Quoted @baseballot

AP call: Amendment 2 passes, 52–48%. Missouri becomes the 39th state to expand Medicaid.

With recent Medicaid expansions in Missouri, Maine, Virginia, Utah, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Nebraska, more Americans are covered or will soon be covered under Obamacare than before Trump took office.

Trump losing the grammarian vote here

Trump losing the grammarian vote here

How some colleges plan to open for the fall reads like an episode of Black Mirror

How some colleges plan to open for the fall reads like an episode of Black Mirror

Quoted @19thnews

Surprise! Today, is live as a full news site. The newsroom you've been waiting for is officially here.

The dream is real. Our time is now. Welcome to the future of political journalism.

“Facts Man claps on the one and the three” is one of the more devastating sentences I’ve read in a while, courtesy ⁦@AnnieLowrey

"The Rio Grande Valley in Texas is suffering through perhaps the worst current outbreak in the country, with hundreds of new cases and dozens of deaths a day."

"With scrutiny intensifying, some Biden allies are now distancing themselves from their corporate work to better position themselves for official roles with the campaign, transition team or in a potential Biden administration."

House Foreign Affairs Committee looking into Brazilian news media reports that a US ambassador signaled to Brazilian officials they could help get Trump re-elected by lifting ethanol tariffs

The anti-mask movement in Italy includes Andrea Bocelli

The anti-mask movement in Italy includes Andrea Bocelli

Per one informal tally, the confirmed coronavirus cases in the US Capitol include: —10 or so lawmakers —27 Capitol Police employees —33 contractors working on a construction site —25 employees of the Architect of the Capitol

A house party in New Jersey on Sunday drew more than 700 people. It took the police more than five hours to clear the scene.

"Trump’s speakerphone conversation with a senator in a Washington restaurant is caught on tape"

The Afghan government initially said the Black Hawk helicopter in Kajaki, Helmand had come down due to "technical issues." But it appears it was shot by an anti-tank guided missile rarely seen in the hands of the Taliban. @Tmgneff

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