this a bad bitch party, you cannot get in🀧

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rubbing their neck and playing with their hair till they fall asleep >>>

18 hours ago

Quoted @lulbayyba

hmu if you tryna pop out like this 😝

hmu if you tryna pop out like this 😝

don’t hmu if you ain’t trynna be like this πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

M. Salinas
21 hours ago
okay July what the hell you got for us

okay July what the hell you got for us

you guys realize Vanessa GuillΓ©n was only found because of social media outcry? had her story not gone viral, none of this would have happened. it’s infuriating to think about how many stories go unheard, how many people have literally died, and how many murderers walk freely.

18 hours ago

I was raped after my return home from deployment 2013 by someone in that unit, my team leader said I was a whore and probably deserved it, and people started writing β€˜Gorton is a whore’ in the company area. I got moved from Campbell to Gordon. Vanessa could’ve been me.

I hate a nigga wit good dick cause now I gotta care bout wyd and wya and who u wit 🀣

20 hours ago

So you’re telling us #vanessaguillen body was found IN WET CONCRETE and the suspect shot himself? And now her friend who started the find Vanessa movement is now DEAD DUE TO A CAR β€œACCIDENT”?? This is not sitting right with me. The Army is covering something.

14 hours ago

people use β€œπŸ˜­β€ when they’re sad ? oops i use it as a β€œLMFAO”

Y’all better donate or at least retweet ‼️‼️ COVID-19 Outbreak in Housing Facility Aid

The nigga tryna convince me that’s not a female behind him πŸ˜’

The nigga tryna convince me that’s not a female behind him πŸ˜’

Quoted @vivdelacruz

Everyone PLEASEEEE share our story, we NEED the justice & change!!

can my friends from UCSB and all other UnΓ­s please help spread this!! These young kids were attacked by blue lives demonstrators for showing up for Black Lives Matter and the police in town let the assailants walk away!!

10 hours ago

Females in the military are sexually assaulted ALL the time and are too scared to speak up because it’s usually by a higher rank!! Look at how fort hood is hiding EVERYTHING!!! THIS IS WHY NOBODY SPEAKS UP!!! the military does NOT care about its own.

Quoted @abc13houston

"My sister is NO JOKE. My sister is a HUMAN BEING. And I want justice. My sister did not do this to herself. Someone did it." Vanessa Guillen's sister gave an emotional plea in the case of her sister's disappearance from Fort Hood.

make it trend number 1. #JusticeForVanessaGuillen

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So y’all believe in open relationships fr???

I’d rather braid the grass.

Our governor hit a Black Lives Matter protester with her car. Holy shit.

why are men such babies

wtf is an open relationship ??? Bitch I’ll kill u

21 hours ago

AARON DAVID ROBINSON was the Sargent who sexually harassed Vanessa Guillen. He ran off base and committed suicide this morning.

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