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Alex Volkanovski



Alexander "The Great" Volkanovski Current UFC Featherweight Champion, 22-1-0 All Enquiries:

Joined on December 16, 2013

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He’s definitely #1 pound for pound!! Congratulations on a great career #UFC254

That pressure is no joke....Justin struggling to get his breath back. #UFC254

Here we goooo...a new challenge, definitely but hard to bet against @TeamKhabib #UFC254

Reapeeeeeer!! Well done @robwhittakermma 🇦🇺 #UFC254

I’ve got @robwhittakermma up two! Let’s go 🇦🇺 #UFC254

👀 Massive fight for the middleweight division!! #UFC254

Let’s go Jacob!! 🇦🇺 #UFC254

Nice one @bambamtuivasa 👏👊

Quoted @Julian_OBrien

Last time the Gorillas won the title some bloke called @alexvolkanovski was the star of the show. Wonder what happened to that bloke .... Nice piece @CortRhysWard

Great read!!

Back in my middleweight days!! 😂


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How it started:          How it’s going:

214lbs Volk

Finally we have some direction in this division, get in there and take that #1 spot....that’s all I wanted!! #ufcfightisland6

It’s a different feeling with no crowd, reactions aren’t there and everything feels forced, seems like zombie is struggling with it. #UFCFightIsland6

Oh daaaaamn!! @BrianTcity looking good, I’ve got him two rounds up. #UFCFightIsland6

They both patient and fighting smart...they know a lot is on the line! #UFCFightIsland6

Let’s see who it is!!👀 #UFCFightIsland6

I think it’s 1-1 going into the last round...let’s see who takes it! #UFCFightIsland6

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