they always say yee haw not haw yee

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a relationship should be 50/50. i bring you to sweden with my friends for a pagan midsummer festival, you burn me alive inside of a giant bear

2 days ago

if i have to pass you in the RIGHT lane, take a long hard throbbing look at yourself in the mirror and rethink your entire existence

3 days ago

relationships should be 50/50 i eat your ass and you eat my ass

4 days ago

urine is not sterile. it has piss in it

republicans be like "fake news! where's the proof?" then believe in god

manipulated my plug now this gas lighting

imagine your card declines at therapy & they just bring in your ex

9 days ago

Taming Paula was right! the less i know the better!

If they try to take your temperature at the gym / a restaurant / anywhere DO NOT LET THEM. They are erasing your memory. They erased all the Soulja Boy lyrics in my head. Very angry.

9 days ago

hooking up with hippie bitches sucks cause when you undo their bra crystals start falling out

10 days ago

is it still considered domestic abuse if y'all are homeless?

11 days ago

i hate the colour pink so much, why do you think you're so special?? call yourself light red and fucking leave

11 days ago

375 million years ago a fish decided to walk on land for the first time and now i'm supposed to pretend that life has meaning

PSA If someone is shoplifting, please do the right thing by minding your business ❤️

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