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Loving husband and father. Proud follower of Christ, NBA champion and 13 yr NBA vet. New Orleans Pelicans color analyst @siriusXMNBA host. LETS DANCE!!

San Antonio, TX
Joined on June 30, 2014

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Quoted @Blazonthafutcha

@adaniels33 I know you get paid to say that...create a burner and give the real review 🤣🤣🤣🤣, this team is horrible

I don’t get paid to say that, I CHOSE to say that b/c I believe it. There are 57 games left, 57. I played on a team that got off to a tough start and completely turned our season around. Not saying issues aren’t there, saying there’s time to recognize and work through them.

Quoted @LouisPrejean

It’s time to heal Pels Twitter. @adaniels33 and I are here to do just that

There’s nothing to heal...this team is going to be just fine. #TRUST👊🏾

"I'm not gonna stop until I'm the best." Inside the building and rebuilding of Brandon Ingram, one of the most important swing players in the NBA over the next half-decade:

RT if you had the same reaction as @adaniels33 to that Zion dunk 😧

Chuck D
12 days ago

Lol I’m cool in the @SiriusXMNBA fan seats . In my lane sorta quietly lol jus commenting listening to you pros rap ball 👊🏿 @MarcJSpears @adaniels33 @RickKamlaSports

Quoted @GorMeloBridges

@adaniels33 @JamelleMcmillan AD if u a starter on the team u feel your seat getting warm with NAW and Kira playing like this? Good competition?

I’m a firm believer that internal competition is needed and ALWAYS healthy. Ppl have to realize it is possible to praise a player without bashing his teammate.🤷🏾‍♂️

The Indiana Pacers are moving Victor Oladipo to the Rockets for package around Caris LeVert, sources tell @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium.

Quoted @wojespn

Reporting with @RamonaShelburne: Brooklyn is acquiring Houston’s James Harden in a blockbuster deal, sources tell ESPN.

Reporting w/ @RamonaShelburne: Brooklyn’s acquiring James Harden in a three-way deal with Cleveland. Caris LeVert, Dante Exum, Rodions Kurucs, four 1st round picks – including Cavs’ 2022 first via Bucks -- and 4 Nets pick swaps to Rockets. Jarrett Allen, Taurean Prince to Cavs.

Quoted @RamblinWreck34

Great show and insights @adaniels33 The standard for nba information. #perspective

Thank you @RamblinWreck34

Quoted @OlehKosel

Antonio Daniels upon hearing Rick Kamla announce Zion Williamson is out tonight due to health and safety protocols on @SiriusXMNBA just now: "Aye yai yai." Right there with you, @adaniels33

No many words...just prayers brother🙏🏾

Quoted @cyrustheshow

@adaniels33 ... Let’s go AD. Thought you’d have my back on the call. You don’t think Harden gave it all on the court (outside of the last month)? If not, please expand on it.

I appreciate you showing him love for his 8yr tenure in Houston, he deserves it. Do I feel he gave it his all...all the time?? Some playoff performances may disagree with you brother. Do you think Harden was all in every game he’s played in this year?

Quoted @sunnyd22dc

@adaniels33 @RickKamlaSports so when does Kyrie need to speak up and clarify his situation? Is he not collecting a pay cheque while not being in communication with his employer? You are holding out and not speaking up on what the issue is

The question is, who does he need to clarify his situation to? Brooklyns Front office, Head Coach and teammates deserve clarity...that’s where it stops for me.

Quoted @tracywine105

@adaniels33 Would you break up Tatum and Brown for Harden? I don’t think I would.


Quoted @TMal761

@adaniels33 Does Harden have a NTC? I say Rockets do him like Spurs did Kawhi ie whats best for team "needs of many outweigh needs of the few". send him where it works best for them not him. They gave him everything he wanted, once he lost Moorey and DAntoni he wants out

No he doesn’t. He doesn’t have the power to veto a trade. Organizations are going to try and do what’s in their best interest. If the best return is in Philly or Brooklyn that’s what they will do.

A THREAD: Pels could be missing top two options of who brings the ball up the court the most Lonzo Ball - 290 poss. - 1.08 pts per poss. Eric Bledsoe - 188 - 1.12 Brandon Ingram - 135 - 1.22 Josh Hart - 57 - 0.97 Nickeil Alexander-Walker - 48 - 0.94 Zion Williamson - 23 - 0.78

Breaking: The Mavericks-Pelicans game has been postponed because Dallas doesn't have the eight eligible players, according to ESPN and multiple reports.

Breaking: The Mavericks-Pelicans game has been postponed because Dallas doesn't have the eight eligible players, according to ESPN and multiple reports.

Dallas doesn't have the eight eligible players, so Mavericks-Pelicans is postponed tonight, sources tell ESPN.

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