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Emmy winning former Senior news Correspondent & former professional Baseball Player. Husband,Father, Food,Wine,Friends,Family. 50 countries 44 states

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Breaking: Flynn case bombshell: FBI analysts bought insurance fearing they’d be sued for misconduct | Just The News

Quoted @nflthrowback

Gale Sayers scored six TDs in one game... as a rookie. One of the greatest to ever run the ball. RIP to the @ChicagoBears legend. 🙏

RIP to a legend

Quoted @RobPutnam4

@sistronk Take a look at @adamhousley tweets. He’s plugged in and has solid reporting on all of this. He’s not been wrong at all.

Thanks for noticing.

Quoted @PetzKathy

@adamhousley Interesting this being reported. Intentional leak?

I am wondering the same thing

Quoted @eseeley4usa

@adamhousley question for you. What is the disk that the man is holding in your cover photo-is that for sound or lighting? 🤔💭 thank you in advance 🙂 reflects the sun

Quoted @gwgmtweets

@adamhousley Just saw that they're rolling a Clinton thing into Durham. Sounds like another stall.

They did that a while ago.

Quoted @pocamarxist

@adamhousley I’m so tempted to unfollow this nonsense. You didn’t say anything about Clinton Foundation over the past two weeks. You’re not “reporting” anything

Listen, then go somewhere else. I don't know what pieces of info they're going to release and when..I just know what I know. If you've followed me for any length of time, you would know I have mentioned the foundation, crosses party lines & is much broader than any of u realize

Quoted @TwoQuoque

@adamhousley Remind me, was that investigation initially under SDNY?

Local law enforcement in NY...then NY FBI and then on to FBI headquarters. The NY locals and FBI started clamoring and threatening to go public about no movement on the laptop...that's when Comey had his presser and why he did. I reported that long ago and good to see it now.

Quoted @NYCdisinterest

@adamhousley Yes someone should look into the kids of government officials being granted special favors and business dealings by foreign governments..

Irrespective of party. I've always said that.

Quoted @JoanneShewbrid1

@adamhousley Adam is absolutely correct. Its got to be airtight.

It will

Info is beginning to be laid out. Clearly.

Quoted @griftwatch1

@adamhousley Hunter Biden accepted millions of dollars for no show jobs . Joe Biden allowed it. Case closed. This aint Scranton values. These are swamp values. How does that message resonate around the world? or with American workers? Joe Biden is for sale. Everyone knows it.

And it wasn't just Biden...America is for sale. Many family & folks tied to politicians and appointed positions and the military get paid and get deals and get contracts.

Quoted @MeredithTesch

@adamhousley is this what you have been referring to?


Quoted @AshleyGregory00

@adamhousley is Durham taking over Clinton foundation investigation surprising to you?

It all ties together. As I have reporter...Clinton Foundation info was found on the Weiner laptop that was purposely held by FBI headquarters with the intention to hold until after the 2016 election.

Quoted @NoRestrictions

@kfr0329 @tracybeanz If I recall correctly some months ago, @adamhousley said "______ (scandal) is the foyer of a 22 room mansion."

I did....and it explains about this length if this investigation and why at the end it's important to get it right. Sometimes the little details at the end are the most important.

Quoted @ReverseFlash84

@adamhousley You mean you teased something that you read reported on other agencies? What a scoop. Frankly I'm tired of getting excited and watching for updates that you say will happen and nothing happens.

Nope. I don't rely on anyone else. I rely on my sources. The ones who have been correct since day 1. The ones who allowed me to break both of the stories...Unmasking and FBI. We are at a point now where the decision to reveal indictments is in the hands of very few people.

Quoted @deepa_shivaram

A reminder that it has been 42 days since Harris was tapped as the VP pick. There are 42 days until election day. The senator has not once formally taken questions from the press.

Interesting piece of info would be helpful if she would take questions

I was singing their other hit once I tweeted that! So 1988! Pure energy. Lol

Quoted @IncPerson

@adamhousley Yet you keep promising things you can’t deliver, lol

Delivered everything I’ve said so far. Its not about your timing, my’s about truth and getting it right.

Quoted @furioustheguy

@adamhousley Pfffff we're running out of time for delays... So what, are they going to wait until after her funeral? Surely not until a new SCOTUS is confirmed?

I was just speculating...made that clear.

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