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There is no actual evidence of fake ballots anywhere (or if we missed it, it's because it is such an insignificant number). The Dominion thing literally didn't even happen. People are lying about how the election went. They are all lies. The things you see are lies.

Quoted @SandyBoynton

Reboot of a design of mine from long ago (J. S. Bach and I were in the same class in junior high.) Just as irrelevant today as it was when I first drew it. #gopherbaroque

Reboot of a design of mine from long ago (J. S. Bach and I were in the same class in junior high.) Just as irrelevant today as it was when I first drew it. #gopherbaroque

We all need humor right now. Thanks Sandra!

Quoted @bessbell

Now is not the time to be petty or vindictive, now is the time to look across the political divide and reach out to Trump voters and tell them to eat shit forever.


My Twitter feed is joyous and fun today. I’m happy dancing as I scroll.

Quoted @TheRickWilson

You might like this. We liked making it.

I have followed them from the beginning. So happy to see evil incompetence be called out and sent home.

Quoted @cox_tom

I admit I’m tired and emotional today but this has just knocked me to the floor.

Oh yes, 100%.

Quoted @yashar

"I’ve done business with men who think I’m as silly as I look. By the time they realize I’m not, I’ve done got the money and gone." - Dolly Parton

I love her.


The Internet is STILL Undefeated... lol


Quoted @tori_saylor

I am the Governor's Deputy Digital Director. I see everything that is said about and to her online. Every single time the President does this at a rally, the violent rhetoric towards her immediately escalates on social media. It has to stop. It just has to.

I know we’re all numb to this, but what the President said about Whitmer is a huge deal and should be the focus of today’s campaign coverage.

Nobody is voting on Hunter Biden or Burisma or even cares about either of them who wasn't already voting for Trump. The only people who still haven't figured this out are Trump's campaign and propagandists, because they live in a self-contained internet and Fox News bubble.

Excuse me while I temporarily collapse with love for the persistence of Houston, the most diverse city in the country, held hostage by the oil lobby, beleaguered by hurricanes, bereft of aid, slammed by the pandemic and the GOP, currently rocking the vote in spite of everything.

Joe Biden’s most recent endorsements: Cindy McCain, Scientific American, Greta Thunberg, the New England Journal of Medicine, 1,600 religious leaders, 500 national security experts, The Rock. Donald Trump’s most recent endorsements: the Taliban.

AC Simons
2 months ago

Just cancel the rest of the debates. No one needs them.

AC Simons
2 months ago

I briefly stepped back into Twitter And now I am scurrying back out.

AC Simons
3 months ago

Greetings from Houston where 2020 is the year when you’d rather go through a hurricane than listen to the RNC and Trump.

A crossword puzzle creator made a birthday wish and that is how Rita Ora and Dua Lipa were born.

Why didn’t the weather people name that companion Gulf hurricane “Polo”? #MarcoPolo

It makes sense. He's an old man looking to secure his place in history. Serving with the first Black president and the first Black VP (🤞) will make him one of the most significant American politicians of all time.

AC Simons
4 months ago

Quoted @adamconover

This is a terribly sad piece. The most destructive aspect of conspiracy theories is the way they prey on vulnerable people, and separate them from their loved ones. They're corrosive to our society, yes; but to individuals even moreso.

Sad and scary.

AC Simons
4 months ago

Quoted @JamesUrbaniak

.@realdonaldtrump I saw this doctor on TV making some good points, please RT

.@realdonaldtrump I saw this doctor on TV making some good points, please RT

That sounds right.

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