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Quoted @JajaPhD

Behind every successful woman is a man.

Playing an unnecessary five-setter when she wants to get on court

Quoted @mugurev

garbiñe is our gay icon, stan leave her alone

This truly has been the most disapointed i've ever been with tennis.

Oh I missed Ostapenko's consistency on the flop

Redbull’s congrats video to Domi (when baby Domi falls face first and styled it out by pretending to swim 🥺)

Top Tennis Analyst Lauren Gibbs's take: Tennis was better without ATP players' terrible hair and beard choices

Quoted @ShortPainKiller

This was a better watch than The 2018 Wimbledon final The 2017 USO final The 2017 Wimbledon final Finals are often bad. This one was weird and chokey and pushy and ugly. But I fail to see how it was any less captivating and interesting than the above ones 🤷🏼‍♂️

I have to say, this was WAY better than the women's RG 2019. Boy, that was a sad match to watch.

It's ridiculous how easily Djokovic would have won this GS.

Sincerely would have preferred Williams vs Brady for 3rd place.

Quoted @samstennis189

A slam final should not end in a tiebreak. Welcome to my ted talk

this is ridiculous i hate this

I'm hating that this will be decided in a tiebreak. I wanted to see them succumb to tiredness.

oh what a great moment for this to happen

oh what a great moment for this to happen

10 days ago

At this point I feel like there are no winners left on the match, just UE

10 days ago

Just break him again Sascha.

LOL the DJ put the UNDER PRESSURE song. I'm dead.

10 days ago

He's having a mental breakdown

Serena crip walked so Naomi could run

10 days ago

Zverev questioning technology.

10 days ago

Is the roof open?

10 days ago


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