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Quoted @yashar

Axios: The president-elect is strongly considering Rahm Emanuel to run the Department of Transportation, weighing the former Chicago mayor’s experience on infrastructure spending against concerns from progressives over his policing record.

Rahm Emanuel covered up the murder of Laquan McDonald, an African American teenager who was killed by the police.

So we can get angry at teachers/school boards, or we can fund education We can show sympathy towards people losing it all, or we can actually tax the wealthy and create opportunities While we need a stimulus to fix the now, we need a complete overhaul to fix the future 3/3

People aren’t losing their homes, aren’t at risk of starving, aren’t dying from comorbidity, aren’t at risk of bankruptcy because of the pandemic. It’s just a catalyst to show how on the brink of poverty we all are. The entire society needs to be fixed. 2/3

Literally every decision in Covid seems to need a stepping back, “oh shit”, moment. Educators skew older because we don’t pay enough for young people to want to join the profession. People don’t have health care options. Don’t have savings. Don’t have safety nets. 1/3

Is there any other governor that blocks people from commenting on their Instagram/tagging them in posts? Asking for @GovChrisSununu

@tedcruz They’re *trying* to come and take it, but the lines for food in Texas are a bit long.

Quoted @RexChapman

Hey guys, Please Watch @NedStaebler — a Wayne County Board Member of Canvassers stuff in a locker @HartmannDude and @monicaspalmer — the two members that refused to certify the ballots for the county...

Hooooooooly hell

(cont...) Oh that's not fair I guess.... He also is raising property taxes. I forgot about that too.

Weird that @GovChrisSununu has blocked tagging him in instagram stories the same week his family is tied to mining deals on Armenian lands, when he is pushing homeless off of courthouse land, and when he refuses to do anything about covid in NH. #nhpolitics

If NH valued education as much as our bars and restaurants (and ski resorts), maybe kids would be in school this fall/winter. #nhpolitics @GovChrisSununu

Sam Levine
14 days ago
Georgia SoS Brad Raffensperger says Sen. Lindsey Graham asked him if it would be possible to toss all mail ballots in places where there were higher rates of signature mismatch. Raffensperger said he was stunned. via @AmyEGardner

Georgia SoS Brad Raffensperger says Sen. Lindsey Graham asked him if it would be possible to toss all mail ballots in places where there were higher rates of signature mismatch. Raffensperger said he was stunned. via @AmyEGardner

Quoted @smashmouth

@realDonaldTrump WE'RE THE BEATLES!

They're good at the internets

At this point Trump is probably not conceding as a halfway just trolling America as one of his last "own the libs" as president. I mean, trolling in that thousands might die from this, but he never really cared, did he?

The right wing factions of the United States seems to have abandoned rugged individualism for frail infantilism.

“Just remember that next year when your town sends you the notice of your property taxes rising, you can thank Republicans in Concord for making that happen.” Thank you Rep. Mary Jane Wallner for revealing the truth. #nhpolitics

Quoted @UNEP

In addition to being champions for action on climate, nature & pollution themselves, & providing political support to UNEP, the Nordic countries – Denmark 🇩🇰, Finland 🇫🇮, Iceland 🇮🇸, Norway 🇳🇴 & Sweden 🇸🇪– are also important financial supporters of UNEP.

When we think about GHG emissions, the focus is often pointed at individual actions - and they're important! - but if we want a systemic change gouvernements and big companies need to lead the transition. And we need to push them to take it seriously. (start thread)👇

NH needs actual leadership from Concord. We need targeted mandates coming from @GovChrisSununu . #nhpolitics

Quoted @RBReich

Elon Musk reportedly fired Tesla workers who were afraid of returning to work out of fear of contracting COVID. But when Musk thinks he might have the virus he takes 4 tests just to make sure. Billionaires aren’t the answer.

Elon is the worst

Quoted @MikeCroninWMUR

#Breaking: #NH again breaks its daily record of #COVID19 infections... -462 new cases -2,743 active cases -1.6% test positivity rate -7 new hospitalizations (69 currently hospitalized) -3 new deaths (498 total) #WMUR

Where is the leadership? It doesn’t have to be this way!

Quoted @JasonSCampbell

Lou Dobbs suggests Republicans should just say "we're not going to accept the results of this election"

First off, @LouDobbs is a traitor and seems to hate democracy Second. Can we find out which of these sycophants has financial dealings with @parler_app ? Because they are pushing it hard.

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