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Software engineer in training | #webdevelopment #javascript #react #reactnative #functionalprogramming

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A big 🧵 of free web development resources ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Yay! I just published final part creating *LondonCycles app* to find nearby @SantanderCycles in London 🌈🦄 ☁️ ⚡ Advanced @mapbox use case ⚡ Creating custom Http resolver ⚡ Displaying results in the map #AWSAmplify #AWSAppSync #GraphQL #angular ✨🚀

Hey, @dabit3, is there a tutorial teaching how to do a query and mutation on an Appsync API using an Amplify serverless function?

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@bernardopkuster's account has been withheld in Brazil, Worldwide in response to a legal demand. Learn more.


I'm thinking that in this quarantine I'm getting all possible errors that a developer can get. Now with @gatsbyjs : #100DaysOfCode #developer #reactjs

Does anyone having problems to use @AWSAmplify CLI after install using the latest @yarnpkg version? #100DaysOfCode #webdeveloper #Serverless #reactjs #vuejs

6 months ago

Good news today! We are joining forces with @prisma to adopt our beloved graphql-playground. Read more to learn what happens next and how you can get involved!

6 months ago

🚀 Prisma 2.0 is Now in Beta: Type-safe Database Access with Prisma Client

Hey, @AWSAmplify team, is there a way to sync DataStore w/ the local DB created when we're mocking the GraphQL API? I already added data to the DB, but the DataStore can't get it

It's my 2 year anniversary at @g2i_co!! 🎉 I want to give back to the Twitter community that helped me get this 100% remote job. 👇 So, if you are looking for mentorship in finding your first remote job. Retweet this and DM me. * I will mentor 3 people 🙂

Is there something like @tailwindcss for @reactnative?

Irei doar minha conta na udemy, já que mudei meu plano de estudo para leitura e dificilmente eu assisto vídeos. Se você está precisando estudar e não tem condições de comprar os cursos lá, me chama DM que irei te passar o acesso total e permanente da minha conta.

a year ago

Seguindo os passos dos mitos: @jgcmarins e @sseraphini. Estou com o dm aberto para mentorias. Quero ajudar o máximo de pessoas a chegarem no próximo nível! É mais simples do que você imagina. o/

Guess what?! @reactjs turns 6 years old today! 🎉🎂 In honor of this we are giving away 6 free egghead subscriptions to 6 random subscribers of - sign up! 😁 💕 Retweets appreciated!

a year ago

A year ago I left my job to dedicate myself to this open source project. 🎉 Announcing Reakit v1 🎉 👉 This is the best project I’ve ever done in my 17 years of programming. I’m sure it'll help many companies ship accessible web apps with ease. ♿️

Can someone tell me what steps a web dev need to follow to begin on the mobile dev path? What he need to learn? #ReactNative #MobileApps #mobile #webdevelopers #Android #iOS #AndroidDev #iOSDev

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"Instead of reading the 600th tutorial... write the 600th tutorial. Every single time, you'll learn more." — @kentcdodds

Thanks for this great tip @kentcdodds!!!

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Thanks to @orta, @lbentosilva, @_eliperkins, @ericlewis, @_glauberfc, Karan and Adam for working on this.

Thanks RN community!

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