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Quoted @rhodea

Racist white mfs trying to hang a black man at lake Monroe in Bloomington, Indiana !!!!!

Racist white mfs trying to hang a black man at lake Monroe in Bloomington, Indiana !!!!!

The police are REFUSING to arrest them. PLEASE CALL the MONROE COUNTY PROSECUTOR to push the arrest of these disgusting people. 1 (812) 349-2670

2 days ago

Yes you, a graduate student, deserve a living wage.

Quoted @lovethediosa

black women, what does “luxury” look/feel like for you?

Natural body butter creams, oils, floral arrangements, silk, jewelry, laying near a body of water, nail/spa treatments, being healthy

14 hours ago

so many black businesses on my tl and i love to see everyone of em!!

Quoted @omgwanye

The show villain. The actual villain.

The show villain.             The actual villain.

Finally one I agree with. I know it was a cartoon but this guy was psychotic

Good morning to my well dressed, gun carrying, big spending dykes. I love y’all 🥺

I am.. ITCHING to travel. I hate it here. 🥺

corporate america be like: “don’t get tattoos or else you won’t get a professional job” and then let pedophiles and racists have the leading jobs in our Government


lmao this how my brain look when people ask me stupid questions

Y’all saying trans-women aren’t women because they can’t reproduce is literally reducing womanhood down to reproductive organs. That is a patriarchal idea.

Baecation me.

Is anybody manifesting me? Cause I’ll pack my spennanight bag right fuckin now.

This old.

wow this tweet just called me an old lady.

Quoted @Asiath3mua

@TEYANATAYLOR can I please send you a set of these nails. Everybody loves them and you gave me these vibes Queen

I much rather support and buy them, you have a website?

if you don’t rt, you’ll be broke by next month

Native Hawaiians should NOT be homeless on their OWN LAND. Read it again.

Quoted @FarrahGray_

“BLACK OWNED” does not mean cheaper, discounted or free. Unlearn that

black owned also shouldn't mean $45 for a t-shirt that says melanin

Quoted @PrincessSamiyaa

I made my first big girl purchase ❤️

I made my first big girl purchase ❤️

I love seeing regular people and modest milestones on my TL cuz everybody acts so damn grand on twitter congrats love

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