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When Netflix first announced just a couple of months ago that TikTok sensation Sarah Cooper was getting her own comedy special, it was kind of hard to imagine what it might look like. The final product, titled Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine, l ... https://t.co/2P9ZTj4lFt

J.Stone/Imazins/Getty Images/ImaZinS RF J.Stone/Imazins/Getty Images/ImaZinS RF If you find yourself fighting with a friend over politics, or frustrated and furious with ... https://t.co/VQcCvNetoC

The Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday condemned the escalation of populist rhetoric inciting against religions and affirmed its absolute rejection of all forms of hate speech based on belief, race or religion including the deliberate ... https://t.co/Votapbb6Ug

A group of protesters assaulted a reporter as he filmed the widespread looting taking place in Philadelphia. The looting took place during the second night of Black Lives Matters protests over the shooting death of a knife-wielding assailant by ... https://t.co/kPSPNIGUoo

Authored by Barry Brownstein via The American Institute for Economic Research, It’s no surprise that Dr. Anthony Fauci, with a vested interest in perpetuating the current Covid-19 narrative, has called theΒ Great Barrington DeclarationΒ β€œnonsense and ... https://t.co/hEpAnz7eXC

Emerging entrepreneurs and businesses that are already actively working in export markets often require the help of the Moscow Region Foreign Economic Activity Fund, according to Investment and Innovation Minister of the Moscow Region Ekaterina ... https://t.co/E4HbxHPlIe

Identity is one of our most fundamental human rights. Yet, in the age of surveillance, commodification and centralization, it is under threat. Edward Snowden said it best, β€œThe one vulnerability being exploited across all systems is i ... https://t.co/cqaFxEFMul

As reported earlier β€œmostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter protesters rioted,Β looted and attacked police in Philadelphia on Monday night after police shot a black man who was threatening them with a knife. The BLM believes the cops are to blame. The ... https://t.co/t7jUi87sye

France under President Emmanuel Macron has been making more than a few international waves over the past few months. It has involved itself in the dispute between Greece and Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean, for example, and given tacit support ... https://t.co/a0XigNLWDy

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) β€” Mookie Betts came to the Dodgers to make a World Series difference. With a mad dash to home plate, he put Los Angeles over the top. The end of a frustrating championship drought for LA β€” and perhaps just the start for Betts a ... https://t.co/MbGQ8ovEFq

Twitter has slapped a β€œmisleading” label on yet another tweet from President Donald Trump, as it rolls out a new effort to β€œpre-bunk” criticism of mail-in voting and warns Americans not to expect final results on election night. In a tweet on Monday ... https://t.co/VuhCvVvMLO

Half eaten kebabs, a broken high heel, a puddle of sick in a shop doorway – typical remnants of a Saturday night out in the city. However, as Statista's Martin Armstrong notes, The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction ... https://t.co/7Nb8Wt7v61

Unrest has erupted on the streets of New York City as protesters demand justice for a Philadelphia man shot dead by police, some torching NYPD squad vehicles and burning flags after authorities declared an unlawful assembly. A number of law ... https://t.co/E1oi0BUb7u

(Natural News) Even though the Department of Justice (DOJ) has officially confirmed the legitimacy of the emails, photos, videos, and other damning evidence found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, the mainstream media is still refusing to c ... https://t.co/orEZEPWZr8

IADL Demands Immediate Release Of Palestinian Maher al-Akhras By the International Association of Democratic Lawyers. October 27, 2020 IADL Demands Immediate Release Of Palestinian Maher ... https://t.co/pCDtTEbob1

According to recent reports dubbed "sensational", Norway's previous government, led by current NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, may have withheld key data to more quickly open parts of the Barents Sea for ... https://t.co/f9sjO6kT8r

Despite President Trump’s claimed antipathy to Mideast wars, he has dramatically escalated U.S. counterterrorism activity in Yemen, far beyond the levels he inherited from Barack Obama, according to a new assessment from a leading counterterrorism w ... https://t.co/GwPeYWcdEA

Los Angeles Dodgers celebrate after defeating the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 to win the 2020 World Series in Game 6 in Arlington, Texas. David J. Phillip/AP ... https://t.co/pViBjiMCl4

The unemployment rate in the besieged Gaza Strip has hit 70 per cent as a result of Israel’s ongoing siege of the enclave and the lockdowns which have resulted from coronavirus, the headΒ of theΒ Palestinian General FederationΒ ofΒ Trade Unions,Β Sami Al- ... https://t.co/wbDqe2pLB3

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