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Emmy-losing Writer / Director / Comedian (@nbcSNL, @JimmyKimmelLive, #Alternatino, @Netflix, @GameOn, @ComedyCentral, @NewYorker). IG: ZackBornstein

Los Angeles, CA
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I have nothing to promote so here’s me arm hammocking my cat bc it soothes him when he’s stressed

Americans could have put a single piece of cloth in front of their wet fucking mouths and prevented a World War One amount of death, and they just didn't

Truly cannot understand why people don’t want to wear masks, it’s not like they’re expensive or uncomfortable or awkward, it just prevents people from dying. It’s the lowest risk, highest reward.

Wake up like this every morning and it’s always my last good moment of the day

Wake up like this every morning and it’s always my last good moment of the day

COVID has now killed more Americans than WW1, but that's only if you believe WW1 happened, and it wasn't just routine seasonal trench warfare

Trump: Your wife ugly, your dad killed JFK. Ted Cruz: Yes my liege, so ugly, so bloodthirsty. Ron Perelman: Matt Gaetz sucks. Ted Cruz: How dare you disrespect ME this way. Now you must wrestle someone else.

I don’t understand how COVID is worse than ever after we’ve tried everything from pretending it’s over to pretending it never happened

If we tear down statues, we won't learn history, bc we all learn history from wandering around parks reading rusty blurbs covered in bird shit

I cannot hide any longer: I would work with movie star John Boyega

I cannot hide any longer: I would work with movie star John Boyega

Quoted @shereeserenee

since you boys know everything what’s this

since you boys know everything what’s this

Ben Shapiro's pogo stick

I've lost over 600 million followers for saying the police shouldn't shoot protestors in the neck

Mayors keep referring to police brutality as cops being "unprofessional." Being "unprofessional" means starting work emails with "Sup" and doing a silly Zoom background, not pushing an elderly man to the ground and cracking his skull open.

For the cost of the 4 LAPD helicopters circling over my neighborhood for the last week, Garcetti could have funded a year of housing for every homeless person in LA

When NYPD sends its cops, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.


Stop celebrating peaceful cops, that should be the norm. We don’t write articles every time a pilot lands a plane. That’s just the bare minimum to keep people alive.

Boomers with hope that this is a turning point for Republicans, trust me, they were cool with children in cages, 100,000 dead, and grabbing pussies, they’re gonna be fine with the American Tiananmen Square

This feels like when the Riders of Rohan arrived to save Helms Deep

GOP: How do we stop these protests against police brutality? Cops: Have we tried police brutality?

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