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I dont see how thas a PI

Rodgers is too good i cant cap witcha

Refs going crazy lol

Taysom Hill is a donkey

Alvin Kamara jus broke 6+ tackles

Aron Rodgers a god

Quoted @CashNastyGaming

Gonna be a boring finals...wish the Celtics woulda won

Bronsexuals so annoying https://t.co/L7RUscXcAC

Alvin Kamara getting 300 yards this game


Wait there's a NBA game on?

Saints about to get exposed for the frauds they are

Your team isnt 3-0? Cant relate😎

First its Bears are gonna be 2-14 then its theyre gonna be 2-1 then its they deserve to be 0-3. Yall worried bout us more than yall sorry ass team😂

Tariq tore his ACL off a play where he called fair catch smh fuck the falcons

We just lost Tariq man fuck

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