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We looked inside some of the tweets by @Xanderschultz and here's what we found interesting.

Inside 100 Tweets

Time between tweets:
5 hours
Average replies
Average retweets
Average likes
Tweets with photos
5 / 100
Tweets with videos
26 / 100
Tweets with links
0 / 100

We’re at an interesting moment culturally. We’re finding out folks are either Carrot people or Stick people. Says something about who folks believe WE are inherently. Sometimes our beliefs of others are a reflection of our own internal narratives.

Let’s get to $1000 per Trump tweet by next week. ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿 Mention a friend and retweet 🙏🏻 Reminder - 100% of donations go to the field! https://t.co/S4so6rCXhb

@Xanderschultz Woohoo! #DefeatByTweet was upvoted for the 100th time. 🙌 https://t.co/JVINCM2dEx Add the badge to your site: https://t.co/WUIjfjrjFM https://t.co/FVFi08mZa5

#DefeatByTweet Join so many activists supporting @DefeatbyTweet with all proceeds going to The Justice Fund 🙏 Great work @novogratz @Xanderschultz https://t.co/sOtQtfZsEO

Crazy.. I actually look forward to Trump tweeting now. @DefeatbyTweet #Defeat

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My first byline in the New York Times! We Are Not From Here is a powerful and important read! https://t.co/6w65pWkWTR

My friend @paolamendoza deserves all the success in the world! She does heroes work for immigrants and women! Check out her new book! https://t.co/kFxU4NC36Q

Call it genocide, call it murder, call it botched transfer or whatever. Ca Dept of Cor has been transferring positive #Covid_19 cases to prisons (and counties) across the state with ZERO cases. Again, they are transferring covid. WHY. IS. THIS. NOT. NATIONAL. NEWS?

Quoted @novogratz

Good am! We are gaining traction. Let’s go! Trump will finally face real consequences for his hate speech. Every time he tweets, our community donates to Black-led political organizers that are working to mobilize voters in the swing states. Join us at https://t.co/2CpMv7Ub8q

“Show me who you run with and I’ll tell you who you are” - my grandmother. @johnlegend @Shteyngart @neal_katyal @oliviawilde all amplifying our message. I like this team. Join us. https://t.co/v0BiWvE4oB

Tell @realDonaldTrump , I want him to know it was US https://t.co/7bp35XMweU

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I just signed up for https://t.co/yBQaZJdgbn. Every time Trump tweets, I will donate to swing state organizers committed to mobilizing their communities to fight for equality and make Trump a one-term President.

Thank you for your moral leadership @johnlegend ! Glad you’re with us! https://t.co/7ML5PmwKBV

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@Xanderschultz Depending on how many suckers you swindle (and there’s a ton of them on the left), you’ll be the one laughing all the way to the bank. Nice scheme dude! 🤣

- It’s a non-profit Super PAC - 100% of donations are funneled to orgs in the Justice fund - We ask for a TIP which is used to pay transaction fees and put back into marketing the campaign - I’m not paid by the Super PAC https://t.co/mfMFixiaf5

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Texas Realtors Will Stop Using 'Master' to Describe Bedrooms, Bathrooms https://t.co/hGPpHmYJbM

Black people: Stop steering us toward risky, high-interest mortgages, using discriminatory housing practices and making us feel unwelcome when we move into mostly-white neighborhoods America: https://t.co/IYXkNiZCXB

So much of American identity is wrapped up in being “winners” that it makes it virtually impossible for us as a nation to take responsibility for our failures and make changes once we’ve done so. Learn how to take an L, y’all. It’ll change your life.

This is #RayshardBrooks. He was a father. He desperately wanted to do a good job. He wanted to take care of his family. He asked for mentorship. Instead... he got shot & killed. Rayshard, you deserved SO much better. We MUST #ReformProbation. @REFORM #JusticeForRayshard #BLM https://t.co/V4FpIjKZMz

💚 👆🏼this genius micropayments campaign tool from @ColorOfChange & @Xanderschultz now every 280 characters of insane bile funds BIPOC organizers in swing states

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