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Biden would mandate mask-wearing on interstate highways for drivers in their vehicles

Trump: Pennsylvania gas industry faces ‘death sentence’ under Biden

AOC after ACB confirmation: ‘Expand the court’

Software guy Bill Gates calls Dr. Scott Atlas ‘pseudo-expert’ on viruses

Ilhan Omar: Progressives will push Biden to enact Green New Deal and ban fracking

‘Sick to my stomach’: Hillary unsettled over possible Trump re-election

Democrats’ mail vote strategy in jeopardy as ACB sworn in as Supreme Court justice

Stranded survivor on deserted island wore mask continuously for 5 months

Report: Gov. Cuomo received campaign cash from groups which backed his lethal covid policy

Buzz Aldrin endorses McSally over challenger, a former astronaut

Biden to tax gun owners for AR-15s and any high-capacity magazines they already own

Pelosi says House already won for 2020 and she’s now prepping for 2022

Killing Americans with impunity: China’s ‘unrestricted warfare’ deploys covid, fentanyl

Draining the swamp in ancient Rome: America’s Gracchi moment of truth

Has Joe Biden’s campaign ended? Meanwhile, President Trump barnstorms the nation

Bobulinski releases text messages documenting Joe Biden’s involvement in China deals

Biden speaks: ‘Most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics’

Twitter counters tweets on Detroit News endorsement of John James

Polls, media are wrong: Trump has ‘unprecedented support’ says comedian who traveled country

Blacks can’t think for themselves, according to Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston

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