I'm 5 years old princess from finland! I'm one of the cutest cat on the world! :3 HOPE YOU FOLLOW ME! MoAr!

Cold Finland :3
Joined on August 06, 2011

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Long time no see Meow :3

@555SMOKEY Hello :3 I love your beret!

rainy day again!

@JanisFelidae Hi Janis, yes I need buy beret! :3

@Pyincess_Merlyn oooohh I really look like you! :3

I bet every cat loves Desperate Housewives & Shakira :3 http://t.co/BqxQ7s9

nom tunafish :3

I can rest in the sun all day long :3

I can't go out to eat grass because there's raining so hard! >:3

@Rolo_The_Cat nice to meet you too! :3 thanks, you're very cute cat :)

I think joining into twitter was one of the best things I've ever done! <3 :3

@DevonScootle oh! so theres all kinds of cats! :3 I think I'm pretty normal, little wild maybe but I'm sure every cat is sometimes... :3

@DevonScootle your sisters are really pretty cats :3 and you're of course too! :3

@Randi_Villemo Hi darling :) I'm fine! U? :3

I'm hungry :3

@AutumnandPhoebe Well that's awesome!! :3

@AutumnandPhoebe I love meeting new friends too! Everyone is so nice here!!<3 :3

@AutumnandPhoebe Thanks XX :)

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