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I like my punks real and my gangsters fake.

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Lindsey Graham and @harrisonjaime are tied in polls for the South Carolina US Senate seat. Follow, support and donate to Jaime Harrison today: https://t.co/11AjL8KGME https://t.co/JyVpMTFED5

Mitch McConnell's attempt to push through a Supreme Court nomination less than two months before the 2020 election after he blocked Barack Obama's appointment nine months before the 2016 election is the most hypocritical act in U.S. political history.

'Hypocrite' comes from the Greek word 'hypokrites,' meaning "an actor." https://t.co/25lATMzl9O

The only rule they live by is, "Can we get away with it?"

Quoted @AliVelshi

The President of the United States cheering the targeting of a journalist by authorities... https://t.co/0DvK2TRCCs

The US is now an autocracy. https://t.co/MBVXRwbJf4

Acyn Torabi
13 hours ago

Ted Cruz Four Years Ago Vs Ted Cruz Tonight https://t.co/1yQXzjkVDS

🚨 On Aug 7, the NYPD besieged the apartment of BLM organizer Derrick Ingram WITHOUT A WARRANT. ACT NOW: Tell NY District Attny Cy Vance Jr. to ensure the investigation into NYPD’s treatment of Derrick is prompt, impartial, independent, and transparent. https://t.co/tpDPSm6xfc

Quoted @JaneMayerNYer

Just a grim reminder: https://t.co/bklbQJ4dLj

He is a completely amoral piece of mould. https://t.co/DFUOCzDDyb

Mitch McConnell in 2016: "There hasn’t been a vacancy created in a presidential election year filled in 80 years... so this vacancy will not be filled this year. We will look forward to the American people deciding who they want to make this appointment through their own votes”

CTV News
3 hours ago
10 stunning moments you might have forgotten from Trump's presidency https://t.co/B5W0LskQ0G https://t.co/vJFWdfW1mZ

10 stunning moments you might have forgotten from Trump's presidency https://t.co/B5W0LskQ0G https://t.co/vJFWdfW1mZ

Sen Cory Gardner 2016: "Our next election is too soon and the stakes are too high; the American people deserve a role in this process as the next Supreme Court Justice will influence the direction of this country for years to come."

Sen Ron Johnson 2016: “In a very unique moment in time, eight months before an election where the American public will decide the direction of the country , why not let the American people decide the direction of the Supreme Court... let the American people decide.”

Sen Rob Portman 2016: “I believe the American people should have a voice in this debate. This is a lifetime appointment that could reshape the Supreme Court for generations, and I believe the best thing for the country is to trust the American people to weigh in.

Sen Pat Toomey 2016: “With the presidential election fewer than eight months away, it is wise to give the American people a more direct voice in the selection and confirmation of the next justice.”

Sen Marco Rubio 2016: “I don’t think we should be moving forward on a nominee in the last year of this president's term. I would say that if it were a Republican president.”

Sen Steve Daines 2016: “The Senate should exercise its constitutional powers by not confirming a new #SCOTUS justice until Americans have their voices heard.”

Sen Mike Lee 2016: “We think that the American people need a chance to weigh in on this issue, on who will fill that seat. They’ll have that chance this November. And they oughta have that chance.”

Sen Tom Cotton 2016: "In a few short months, we will have a new President and new Senators who can consider the next Justice with the full faith of the people...Why would we squelch the voice of the populace? Why would we deny the voters a chance to weigh in...?"

Sen John Cornyn 2016: “This is really about an important principle. It's important to allow the voters, in choosing the next President of the United States, make that decision and make sure their voice is heard rather than just 100 members of the Senate.”

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