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Musician and Streamer Management: wilbursootbusiness@gmail.com https://t.co/WtoLnVXUtB https://t.co/gQ65OY0qYG

Joined on November 04, 2013

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i’m gonna head out to the store, be back soon

mum found the cum cathedral

my hairline is great, it’s your standards that are “too high”

Nothing can contain me, I have too much swag

rubbing styrofoam on my teeth just to feel something

I am at least eight steps ahead of the government at all times

Quoted @DavidBegnaud

New Tonight: Disturbing video from @WBFO in Buffalo, NY shows an elderly man walk up to police in riot gear. An officer shoves the man...he falls backwards, hits his head...starts bleeding immediately...motionless. Why did this happen @BPDAlerts ? https://t.co/qbTvXAAPLH

The police report on this is that he “tripped and fell”. If they can get away with that on camera imagine what they will try off camera with people of colour. Stand up against excessive authority. Take to the streets and make your voices heard. Black lives matter. https://t.co/nXcF1Swawy

Baby, tonight we make love on the Elgato Gaming Bean-Bag™

♥*♡∞:。.。  。.。:∞♡ Cos baby tonight, DJ got us fallin' in love again Yeah, baby tonight, DJ got us fallin' in love again So dance, dance, Like it's the last, Last night of your life, life Gon' get you right Cos baby tonight, ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

are ya winning, son?

been proper miserable these past couple months but the fact that i have you guys is so le epic that i'm irl pogging rn xD let's nae nae on into june, chat, and have a keanu reeves 2020 your breathtaking ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

good words: plush ham sock

I've got crime on my mind.

how is @CallMeCarsonYT so good at 8ball pool

I did so much crime for this view https://t.co/eLhaN2ziJe

I did so much crime for this view https://t.co/eLhaN2ziJe

God I miss places and oxygen and meaningful interactions

manchmal wird es im büro so stressig, dass ich mal ein glas wein reinschmuggeln muss! (oder zehn!!!) 🤣🍷x

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