Archbishop Gregory

Archbishop Gregory



Seventh archbishop of @WashArchdiocese.

Washington, DC
Joined on March 28, 2019

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Father is a divine title - one that lives perfectly within the union of the Trinity. When we think of earthly fathers, we hopefully glimpse the unique relationship between the Father and His Only Begotten Son. #FathersDay

It is important to remember we're living in a temporary moment in history. We need the advantages that technology offers, but we must never forget that the personal, physical and sacramental encounters are what we are made for as humans and believers.

Memorial Day invites our nation to pause and give thanks for the countless men and women who have served in our armed forces throughout our history. We give special thanks for those who gave their lives for our freedom. May the Lord reward them for their generous devotion. +WDG

We all get lost on occasion, and we all need a protector. In faith we pray for a healer, an answer, a protector, a solution.

During moments like we are now experiencing, we may sometimes forget that God’s goodness is still to be found in our families, in our faith – even when we cannot share personally in the ritual celebrations that mean so much to us. God is good all the time!

Today, on my first Easter as your #WashArchdiocese Archbishop, I'd like to extend to all of our faithful, clergy, and religious a sincere and heartfelt happy #Easter. May it increase our love for the Risen Lord, for our faith, and for one another.

St. Matthew's Passion account echoed within the empty DC Cathedral of St. Matthew. I paid more attention than in years past perhaps because of the starkness of the environment. From your own homes, I pray that you have the quiet to listen carefully to God's Word this week. +WDG

In spite of the inconveniences that our situation imposes upon all of us, there are graces to be discovered even therein.

If this were an ordinary moment, I would plan to attend Archbishop Pilarczyk's funeral in Cincinnati. He was a dear friend & mentor for me. His wit & wisdom were legendary & will be missed. Alas his funeral liturgy will be private. I pray the Lord reward him with peace. +WDG

Even in the uncertainty of this current situation, if we are open, God will use this moment to bring our hearts closer to Him. This disease will not get the best of us; rather, we implore our merciful God to use it to bring out the best in us.

Let us continue to pray for the people whose lives have been impacted by the Corona virus as well as those who continue to care for them. I am deeply grateful for the genuine collaboration of our parishes who took steps to follow the safety measures adopted at our churches. +WDG

#Lent urges us to consider offering some of what we sacrifice to those who lack so much. Our prayer must also lift up the poor, whose hardships go beyond these 40 days. Our sacrifices bring us to greater awareness of the everyday scarcities of the poor.

What can we do today to hasten Christian unity? The first endeavor must be to pray for the restoration of a Church fully united in Christ.

For 4 decades, two national events have coincided this month: activities in observance of Roe v. Wade, & tributes honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Both are moments when we are invited prayerfully to consider the issue of the sacredness of human life.

Museums expose sorrow from the past, but also reveal the human spirit's resilience in spite of incredible obstacles. I take heart knowing about our history and also in being inspired by this indomitable spirit that arises in the face of injustice and pain.

Today may be the moment when kids awake & already anticipate going to bed early because they anxiously look for the day that will come tomorrow. Their eagerness for a new day should inspire everyone to long for the Gift of the Christ soon to dawn among us. Merry Christmas. +WDG

A blessed and holy #Advent to each one of you, dear sisters and brothers in the Lord. Stay watchful, for He will surely come to each of us! #ADWPerfectGift

#Thanksgiving is a moment to acknowledge how truly blessed we are as a people and as a nation. It is a day to praise God for His bounteous generosity and goodness!

May the Lord grant us a thankful heart for all of the gifts that He lavishes upon us. From such a grateful heart may we be generous in sharing our blessings with those who are less fortunate & needy. Let the entire local Church of Washington resound with a hymn of thanks. +WDG

The #WashArchdiocese priest convocation last week was my first, and it was a truly edifying experience. We prayed together, dined together, and above all else, we encouraged one another in the sacred ministry that we have received from Christ Himself.

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