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We looked inside some of the tweets by @WSJ and here's what we found interesting.

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Investors braced for a choppy trading session ahead of the simultaneous expiry of stock futures and options contracts

Heard on the Street: The 401(k) is in its 40s. And it is showing its age.

Pennsylvania’s highest court extended the deadline for accepting mail-in ballots, a move that could delay the determination of winners in a battleground state

The Ivy League dominates this year’s WSJ/THE College Rankings, but the future of U.S. universities has never been murkier #WSJWhatsNow

Facing both a flat road and a climb in Saturday’s crucial time trial, Tour de France contenders expect to switch bikes halfway through

The London Stock Exchange took a key step toward gaining approval for its $15 billion Refinitiv deal by entering into talks for the sale of Borsa Italiana Group

Wisconsin reported more than 1,600 new coronavirus cases, its highest daily total since the pandemic began

Shares listed on China’s mainland typically trade at a premium to their counterparts in Hong Kong. But the gap is getting pretty extreme.

As key ingredients in catalytic converters, platinum and palladium are at the forefront of efforts to reduce auto emissions—but the price of the former has stagnated while the latter has jumped

Take an early look at the front page of The Wall Street Journal

Take an early look at the front page of The Wall Street Journal

Europe’s 5G deployment is alarmingly slow, says a lobbying group, urging the Continent to close the gap with the U.S. and Asia

Why the West has failed at contact tracing

Should you feel guilty about buying furniture knockoffs? Our design columnist talks to designers, retailers and lawyers

The deputy attorney general sent a memo to federal prosecutors telling them to consider charging violent demonstrators with sedition, reinforcing Attorney General William Barr’s call

SoftBank has announced nearly $94 billion in asset sales this year, according to Wall Street Journal calculations—even before Brightstar

To frost or not to frost: With a chocolate cake recipe this good, you can go either way

With Snowflake’s supercharged IPO this week, CEO Frank Slootman has achieved a rare investment trifecta: delivering three of the hottest tech public stock offerings of their time

“The Devil All the Time,” a panoply of evil deeds and deranged retribution, goes beyond gothic to genuinely ghastly, writes @JoeMorgenstern

The U.S. Education Department has launched a civil-rights probe of Princeton after its president said the institution has a long history of racism

Hospitals weren’t ready for Covid-19. “You’re looking at a private-sector entity that suddenly has to take on the world’s largest public-sector response.”

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