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Quoted @_yhaleon

Bro I promise real life is funnier than scripted Reality TV

Lol damn

When y’all make beats do y’all start with the melody then drums or drums then melody... orrrr melody then add other melodies orrrrrrrr drums more drums then melodies.. sht what’s your process kid?

Quoted @WhysMikeAnthony

@VinceCartier_ The middle path with slight variations of degree each song

Lol that’s a little bit of me too

I been slipping on the vlogging but damn I had to lock in on one thing. The cats who do it all beats loops vlog podcast lol salute to y’all man. That sht is hard

Bouncing these beats for youtube tonight

Quoted @HyrohBeats

@VinceCartier_ I can send you some of the stuff I been working on Just lemme know what you think

Yea man let me hear what you been up to

Quoted @Druski2Funny

Never met a guy named John with such Amazing Legs 😂😂😂

Bruh this shit had me rollin 😭😭😂😂

Quoted @HyrohBeats

@VinceCartier_ Man I been working with some artist lately, just been in a different bag

Dawg just about the same bro.. working working cranking em outtt man

Quoted @WhysMikeAnthony

@VinceCartier_ Dude I’m amazed you music is awesome!!!!

Thanks bro. Where’s your link at I’m a slide through

Bro I can honestly say. I could care less about the sale. Making something that didn’t exist before tops any $

I’m tripping I don’t have my beatstars link in bio

Quoted @WhysMikeAnthony

@VinceCartier_ glad to have made it man! I’ll check out your stuff!

Most def bro I’ll do the same

🏋️‍♂️ Working out some different vybes... fused some rock ideas into trap... it doesn’t sound bad but that guitar solo at the end is Golden. #beats #artist #needbeats #unsignedartist #newwave #rappers #upcomingartist #top40beats

Quoted @calMclaren_

@VinceCartier_ I think it comes to a balance, as doing something other than the natural creative flow because you feel you have to could be detrimental. This has to be balanced with the desire to use trends to ur advantage i think

Pretty deep bro but that’s true mannn

Quoted @lord_oceans

@VinceCartier_ Ahhhh to be 23 again lol.

Lol yea man!!! I would do things so much more differently

Quoted @blvffnewyork

No promo lets gooo

No promo lets gooo

We need to start celebrating this stuff more

I tried some more melodic vibes.. on this one. A style like rod wave... did I nail it? put it in the comments man... I feel my twitter be boomin but not my YouTube.. (Free) Top 40 Hip Hop Type Beat "Mission Statement l" |Top 40 Type Beat ... via @YouTube

What y’all think is a better plan? A. Make beats you like no particular sound but it’s good music. B. Make beats that’s based of a current sound that’s out now? What would y’all do and why?

I like creating my beats and logging them into those genre folders.. Right now I have 3 folders Hiphop\trap Rnb Pop

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