Painting Greece

Painting Greece



I am a landscape & still life oil painter lucky to be filling my palette with the colors of Greece. I hope to capture the essence of this incredible country...

Ammouliani, Chalkidiki, Greece
Joined on January 14, 2010

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Manipura Chakra Painted on Feta Cheese Tin via @YouTube

Painting flower pots for the village. The large tins are used for feta cheese and they make great planters for tomatoes as well. I have 2 more to go. #ammoulianiisland #paintinggreece #ilovemyjob #ilovegreece…

A delectable breakfast this morning of homemade bread, avocado, eggs from our chicken coop, and homegrown lentil sprouts. It was satisfying and fulfilling in more than taste. @ Ammoulianí, Khalkidhiki, Greece

Hmmmm.... which of these peaches comes from a tree in the backyard? Why must we spray, alter and fill up Nature’s bounty with our chemicals? Isn’t it time for us to set aside the hungry eye that is so easily…

Greek Island Life: Morning Café: The Importance of Values in Painting &... via @YouTube

Gathering Hypericum or St. John’s Wort (yellow flowers) and Mallow for beautiful herbal healing teas to drink throughout the year until next spring. #hypericum #mallow #herbalteas #healingherbs#greekislandlife…

The calm before the storm.... it’s going to hit around noon. Wind has already picked up. Still, it is beautiful.... #calmbeforethestorm #beautifulweather #viewfrommywindow #staysafe @ Ammoulianí, Khalkidhiki, Greece

Feed your creative flow with snails on a wall via @YouTube

A few days ago I listened to #drberticeberry on IGTV as she talked about living what you believe (seriously, go listen to her). Today’s meditation mandala is about that. . . It is also more of a physical (1st, 2nd &…

Fresh out of the oven! A warm, aromatic result of a loving compromise. How, you might ask? Well, I love sourdough bread but my partner doesn’t. I bake bread 3 times a week and I am always feeding a glass jar of…

Creative flow morning meditation ❤️ on appreciating this beautiful moment... may you all have a beautiful day 🥰 #creativeflow #drawingmeditation #morningmeditation #morningaffirmation #affirmationsdaily…

Morning meditation mandala to engage the creative flow in my day. Today’s affirmation rested on nourishing a sense of calm and balance through this storm we are all passing through. . How did you engage your…

Morning mandala meditation to engage the creative flow in my day. Today’s affirmation rested on nourishing a sense of calm and balance through this storm we are all passing through. In which way have you embraced…

Raw vegan fruit salad with cashew and coconut cream for an early dinner today. So delicious! This is a great time to take an honest look at who I am and how I choose to live my life. I began my day with a mandala…

Morning Gratitude mandala to honor this day and to help me notice the beauty all around me. No matter where you are or what your experience is today hearts can be replenished when we open up and receive the call to…

A quick #rootchakra #mandala to bring #focus and a sense of feeling #grounded to my day. @ Ammouliani

Another mandala focusing on the root chakra and the energy of being secure in who we are. Only when we are grounded and secure in our element can we begin to grow upwards and outwards towards harmony and…

A quick "I am grounded" morning mandala before my trip to the city. If you're like me and often can't feel your feet on the ground then take some time with me today to hook up with your first chakra. . . Being…

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