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My TV column is back this week, with an enjoyable American drama and some tricky memories from my schooldays.

I watched #onlyconnect with the darts question, then this evening I watched #WILTY and I feel like I’ve just seen the silliest inside joke ever pulled off on national television. Bravo @VictoriaCoren

Well done, that mysterious question setter..... 😎

BBC One, 9pm

Well done, that mysterious question setter..... 😎 BBC One, 9pm

I must say, that... that doesn’t sound true

I must say, that... that doesn’t sound true

This time last year we were at the Vic, playing poker in memory of Tall Alan Vinson, Ashley Alterman and others we had recently lost. Much loved, never forgotten - but I tell you what guys, you haven’t f***ing missed much. ♥️

If you’re not sure why @VictoriaCoren was asking about two versions of The Holly and The Ivy, here’s the other version: in my opinion, much more fun. #onlyconnect

Well done, that mysterious question setter......

"Not just for adults"? Was that the continuity link in to tonight's Only Connect? I mean, no, but... do people think it is? Are we JUST TOO SEXY?

Tonight’s Only Connect might be the most fun episode of the series - with jolly teams, bonus mysteries and a scandalous chat about Mary Berry. 8pm on @BBCTwo.

Words do not do this justice, so just watch it. Thank you @Arnold

@VictoriaCoren His presidency would be of the same duration as the world's longest recorded traffic jam.

If Mike Pence becomes the 46th President for 12 days, he’ll be a real favourite for quizzers in future generations. Like Spencer Perceval here.

...which is not to say it’s good. As catchphrases go, it’s still a f*** of a long way from “Follow the bear”.

They’ve taken out “and a natter”!! Fair play, that makes it 16% less awful.

They’ve taken out “and a natter”!! Fair play, that makes it 16% less awful.

Quoted @themcfet

Only Connect on at the same time as Boris' announcement tonight. Vague, frantic, clutching at straws in order to solve tricky questions on one channel, while Only Connect is on the other. #OnlyConnect

Yup. These all work. On one side a hopeless glimpse of an insoluble mess.... on one side a chubby blonde struggling to lead us through an impossible fog of... etc

Oh dear, I think something deeply depressing is coming at 8 o’clock. But if you don’t feel like watching Only Connect, there’s a government announcement on the other channel.

Only Connect goes back to normal tonight - well, as normal as it ever is - with an excellent fact about polywater. BBC Two, 8pm.

Well, thank you for watching and happy new year! Back to the normal series on Monday night, 8pm.

I wish people would stop telling me I look uncomfortable. I always look uncomfortable.

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