Vikneswaran Kanagasingam

Technologist, analysing Human nature, Obitary Systems, layers over our Earth & Sun Rays into the Climate/weather Mechanical Advantages in M. Engeering

Joined on January 26, 2019

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8 years living in welfare asst due to family separated & sick, since 2015 living in ODSP, hospitalized 12 times & lots of sicknes, these living cost not enough living in GTA, anybody want me to end of my life, i am ready

Presently i am a sick personal & living with disability (ODSP)

They brought me to suicide situation, blocking internet, telephone, credit card & i am unable to meet my relative even, since canadian citizen in 2006 i have been unemployed & torturing severelly, 8 times hospitalized, 65 years old, still behind me, 24 hours watching surveillence

I am not hide front of everybody & 65 years old senior in 2020, what they want for senior personals I didnot ask money i ask work only what i did earliur & my experiences

I don't know anything until today regard of my employment matters, why people behind me i am surprise, they alocated position or money without know me & keeping me welfare asst & ODSP & violating my personal right

I told clearly? Don't be behind me my life time & wasting & look like curse full people, which politician or orgnitation giving position or money go & get, i am 65 years old seniors canadian citizen, & unemployee since canadian citizen in 2006???

Why these happen because extraordinary talent regards of my professional, & UN selected me as permanent staff, who don't like they doing

Today morning yonge & sheaperd longn's i buy some stuffs $8.65, i pay $20.00 balance $11.35 but gave $10.25 at time pressuring my brain & kind of disturbances. I did not ask the lady. But i am thinking kinds of wireless software using disturbing/pressuring brain, youngest doing

65 years old in july 2019, after I will be the Senior Citizen. Since March 2008, i am not working recieved severe torturing & 2015 disable personals by ODSP living cost. Why such long time keep me unemployed & torturing, then old age times insisting without my concern.

Since 1996, UN staffs somebody corruption doing as UN Volunteer contribution keeping me since Dec 1992 until Dec, 2005. Since May 2006 as Canadian Citizen, I have been torturing on my body by Radio Active technology & survellence watching 24 hours basis, hospitalized 7 times

Frequently i go toilet/washroom because too much Radio Active on my body & torturing severe & unacceptable. Such long time they doing since 1996, presently old age & getting painful & blood passing through urine path. Some group of personals behind me & wasted by social medias

Business medias wrong ways without person know, doing cheating information for the public for geting interest then billions benifits. My aol canada ( some media got my all information such password, revenue Canada information & doing. Don't care personal right

U can enjoy but my policy is different, my target is different? I want to discovery & build my self as scientist / technologist, why blocking not to do any? Who doing? Who watching 24 hours basis my activity? Not UN permanent staff, contract UNVolunteer staff, not permaanent

Group of people behind why? What purposes? in july 2018, 65 pension/old age security/senior. Training giving? don't know, any officially, I work contract UNVolunteer contributing assignment, as Sri Lankan Tamil no permanent assignment, torturing radio active on my body (ODSP)

If you catch the lady that is the development in Ontario, Canada, earlier UNDPKO staff get the Canadian Citizen in May 2005, even Canadian PassPort stolen at 2060-9 Elesmere & Markham Road, Credit Card, E-mail, telephone Block by under world group/bribery Agents in Ontario

In UNDPKO corruption already did & doing, presently cheating, keep me welfare & ODSP & torturing like hell on my body useinng radio technology & social media, telling hell of stories, after Canadian Citizenship in 2005

They imagine, dreaming, they doing, really i don't know anything, social media, launghable matters. Enjoy!!!@!!!!$€£.????

Any useful only i am writing but i feel it is wastage. So ???????

My tweet stealing somebody before 1726 tweet were stolen? Again do same these reason i like to stop & not write.

Isn't Ontario war zone than Cambodia, Haiti, East Timor & Ivory Coast???? Curse full personals increasing for bringing their countries problems inside

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