We wear masks to help protect our neighbors, our families, and our communities. Please wear a face cover or mask. No mask. No ride.

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9 hours ago

Masks keep our communities safe. ❤️ if you #WearAMask

5 days ago

Your safety is our priority. If your driver forgets their face cover or mask, let us know with our one-touch safety feedback. https://t.co/loT7wOXeaC

6 days ago
The deadline to register to vote is approaching 🗳🇺🇸. 

Be #VoteReady—it only takes two minutes to register. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family. 

Register now with @TurboVote → https://t.co/MiulXEOaT8 https://t.co/rCPfBboGYu

The deadline to register to vote is approaching 🗳🇺🇸. Be #VoteReady—it only takes two minutes to register. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family. Register now with @TurboVotehttps://t.co/MiulXEOaT8 https://t.co/rCPfBboGYu

7 days ago

Quoted @firstwefeast

& now an important announcement from #HotOnes’ friend Paul Rudd! WEAR A MASK & watch until the end for a special cameo. WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT? https://t.co/i4xxfwoIhz

No mask. No ride. Yo Rudd. https://t.co/I1vc6edYTz

7 days ago

Different services are offered in different cities. Download the latest version of the app to explore what’s new.

7 days ago

Now arriving: the new Uber app 📲 Times are changing, and so are we. 📦 Send care packages to loved ones 🥗 Order meals for the family 🚗 Request rides to new opportunities 🛥️ And so much more https://t.co/R3r0UYg43S

7 days ago

“Don’t stifle the gig economy, vote yes on California Prop. 22” @sfchronicle. https://t.co/Mz3iWzXj8B

9 days ago

Quoted @mercnews

Editorial: Prop. 22 would stop the assault on gig firms and workers https://t.co/iYu7Lf7QNZ

The @MercNews and @EastBayTimes endorse @VoteYesOn22: “Californians should vote yes on Prop. 22… It’s the right thing for consumers, for the companies and, most important, the workers.” https://t.co/jcVdtnRITY

Thrilled to share today's #OutrageAndOptimism episode with @Uber CEO @dkhos. This week Uber committed to reach #NetZeroby2040 playing its role in tackling #airpolllution + $800m to help drivers access #EVs Listen now https://t.co/JcRFj8NMsp + Amazing sounds from @EmmanuelJA https://t.co/zgd77DlS5X

I’m so proud of this woman #JuliaPaige. Smart, sassy, strategic. A great wife and mom to triplets, no less. A great daughter and sister. @Uber, you are so damm lucky. https://t.co/ocKrqBy9Fx via @bustle

"Climate is a team sport," says @Uber CEO @dkhos. We discuss $$$ - including incentives from $GM & Renault-Nissan to help #Uber drivers transition to EV cars. https://t.co/PQgCOuwmJi

#Uber going green! “We plan to be all electric, zero-emissions by 2030 in major U.S., European and Canadian cities. And by 2040 we hope to be all electric all over the world.” Part 1 with @dkhos, CEO @Uber 👇🏻 https://t.co/3o7VXk3Jy7

12 days ago

Wondering if your driver will be wearing a mask? Our Mask Verification technology verifies every driver is wearing a mask or face cover before they go online. https://t.co/T4SpVaKrwj

It’s our responsibility as the world’s leading mobility platform to more aggressively tackle climate change. That's why @Uber is committing to move 100% of rides to EVs in US, Canadian, and EU cities by 2030, and to become a fully zero-emission platform by 2040 (1/6)

13 days ago

Millions of rides a day. Zero emissions. That’s our commitment to the planet. And it starts by helping hundreds of thousands of drivers transition to electric vehicles by 2025. Learn more → https://t.co/z26hNClJyo https://t.co/Y4egd77RaY

my Uber driver in SLC last night told me if she completes 3,000 rides @Uber will pay for her @ASU degree. she’s 30, impressive/smart, & had a tough life including childhood homelessness and no formal education. that’s a pretty awesome and life-changing education benefit.

18 days ago

Quoted @ChynnaTown11

@Shan0bieWatp @Uber @Twitter I wrote this last night and I feel this is an appropriate place to put this... WEAR YOUR MASK! https://t.co/osJLELQVCW

Important words from @ChynnaTown11 No mask, no ride. 😷🎵 https://t.co/USKe0qq8Le

18 days ago

Before you ride—review our pre-trip checklist to confirm you’re taking proper safety steps. ✅ Wear a face cover or mask ✅ Sit in the back seat ✅ Open your window for airflow ✅ Wash or sanitize your hands before and after the trip https://t.co/5ftxvnTYiF

19 days ago

Quoted @GoldretrieverUS

The Uber guy is outside. Hurry up late human😉 (k_bubolz IG) @Uber #dogcelebration https://t.co/3VyVj8RbcH

Wait for it...😎🚙 https://t.co/464rhaKkLg

19 days ago

To help you remember these and other safety steps, we’ve built a handy pre-trip checklist for you—right in the app. 📋📲

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