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Hi, it's @rembert, but enough about me. Come help us make Twitter better.

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6. in country United States and category Social Media

44. in category Social Media

282. in country United States and category Media

this will be your year. but let's start tomorrow.

That's it. That's the year.

tell me your job title and i’ll make it *slightly* better

here's one: pencils. more pencils in 2021. pencils rule.

speak your 2021 goals into existence

starting to forget which colleagues i actually met IRL

There was a lot of pivoting this year– but we also made steady progress on our inclusion and diversity goals across leadership, transparency, and accountability. Read more in our Q4 I&D Report: #UntilWeAllBelong

also: stop forgetting to eat lunch

mine: don't get so comfortable you stop speaking up

what’s the piece of career advice you’ll NEVER forget?

to the inventor of tuesday, show your face

you're almost there

(update: i just said it. send help)

at the end of the day can we stop saying at the end of the day?

i challenge someone to show me a better slide

we only follow our recruiters. their DMs are open. slide.

y’all still drink coffee? when tea is right there???

Me on a Zoom call pretending I’m listening and not just looking at myself

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