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President Trump may lose this election. https://t.co/stBWFjsrN9

Most Americans assumed they’d never live to see a moment like this. It happened. It is still happening now. Where are Republican leaders when we need them most? https://t.co/iZNDuFit9C

There must be absolute equality under the law. https://t.co/RiUNqtaGaT

New tourism ad in from America’s newest neighbor: The Nation of CHAZ https://t.co/2FowsblzPY

Welcome to CHAZ. Enjoy your stay. https://t.co/zcAo9eUNzg

This is not a time to submit. Just tell the truth. Watch if you missed tonight’s show. https://t.co/Jdb0YkGM3Q

Is America being ripped apart by total lies— destroyed by cynical media manipulators and unscrupulous politicians who understand that racial strife is their path to power? You can decide what’s really going on. https://t.co/LnVo3agj57

When you express an opinion our leaders don’t like, they call it violence. When criminals commit acts of actual violence, they call it speech. In other words, the game is rigged. https://t.co/1VuyVC581Y

BREAKING: The Trump Admin is on the brink of resuming U.S. funding of the World Health Organization. https://t.co/NCm2BZctRc

If you were sincerely trying to help the country, you’d be focused on effective medical treatments for this disease. The media is ignoring promising treatments, in favor of promoting ever-more-oppressive social controls. https://t.co/QS5wMdSch2

Last month, NYC Democrats said Coronavirus was nothing to worry about. Watch. https://t.co/Urr1S1XJTW

The Press won’t blame China for the Coronavirus. So what was the press saying about the virus when it was still possible to contain it? Watch. https://t.co/oKya4kMjMh

We’ll have much more on this important story tonight at 8pm ET on @foxnews https://t.co/ByUcA3N2Hj

We must remain calm but not complacent about the Chinese Coronavirus. We addressed it on tonight’s show. We hope you’ll watch if you missed it. https://t.co/elhyObX1oV

Tucker talks to Pink Floyd rock legend Roger Waters https://t.co/3EWyUsqdiQ

Pink Floyd Co-Founder Roger Waters joins Tucker tonight at 8 PM ET. Tune in.

We spoke to former AT&T employees about having to train their foreign replacements. Internal documents show workers were warned not to discuss certain topics with Indian workers. Watch. https://t.co/eunkC1uYDz

Bragging Biden takes credit for everything. https://t.co/v5r0L6Vhga

Mayor Pete is starting to sound a whole lot like President Obama. https://t.co/85VA43mNEU

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