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Earthquakes really wild asab

Quoted @Thats_KeAndra

This is the 3rd time I’ve gotten this message today. Y’all think @TreySongz finally gone tweet me back 😩🥴

Hey Ke’Andra 😊

Clearly @TreySongz haven’t been with a Caribbean chick born after 1993, cause ask about me sir, Haitian queens can cook 💁🏽‍♀️

I used Shazam to discover Keep It Right There by @TreySongz Feat. Teddy Riley.

Stop playing @TreySongz, i know how to cook🥺

Sending all these positive vibrations your way!!!! Please accept them ✨✨✨

If you think wearing a mask to prevent death and sickness is oppression, wait until I tell you about the Tuskegee Experiment, indigenous people purposely infected with diseases, and uterine surgery performed on Black women without anesthesia and consent.

U supposed to be my escape from everybody else & u actin like them..

“Circles” Lyric Video out now: Cop that exclusive merch below:

Hard to believe it’s been 10 years since ‘Passion, Pain & Pleasure’ What are your favorite tracks? 🖤

But the natives were the savages... right

Quoted @KendraMClay

@TreySongz can you give a shoutout to my homegirl Reishal.

Reishal Wsup

Quoted @Misscandy____

Whoever sold my Auntie a selfie stick, we will meet

Whoever sold my Auntie a selfie stick, we will meet


Almost 7 months into a pandemic and my family and friends are doing well. God, I thank you.

If you feel like you’re drowning it’s because you’re panicking. Your anxiety and fears are taking over. Take a moment to calm yourself so you can float through the hardship 🙏🏽

8 days ago


Quoted @AttorneyCrump

Clayton GA deputies pulled over a Lyft driver, but then beat the Black PASSENGER. Officers pressed his face on the PAVEMENT & punched him repeatedly because he didn't have his ID. Unbelievable... ANOTHER Black man saying “I can’t breathe” while being ASPHYXIATED by police!!

[TRIGGER WARNING] #RoderickWalker is asked for his ID when his Lyft driver is pulled over by police. Mr. Walker questions the request since he wasn’t driving. This is the officers’ response. Call 678-479-5300 to demand that these animals be named, fired and prosecuted.

If you’re not working for justice, stop calling for peace.

12 days ago

Last thing you need right now is someone riding with you only 50%.

Quoted @LordSnow876

So they're always incels

So they're always incels

All of these men had aspirations to become police officers. Think about that.....

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