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Opportunity, preparation—they meet, it's nice | @ESPN '13 Draft Class | @HarvardFootball '13 | D’Wood Wildcat ‘09 | S-T-O-N-E-M-O-U-N-T-A-I-N | 📷:TreavorScales

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proud to have a quick convo on @SportsNation, but there’s still plenty of work to do @TaylorTwellman

Quoted @AdamSchefter

Jets are hiring former 49ers’ DC Robert Saleh as their next head coach, per league sources. The two sides now have reached agreement on a five-year deal.

big day for my Lebanese brethren and sistren. shouts to @Katdon15

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Today is a National Holiday #DressYourPetDay and as many of you know @ESPNAshley may have an issue. Am I right @treavorscales?! @sportsnation 🚨🚨🚨 📺:

there are worse things to obsess over, but this absolutely full-blown dog mom territory

a GLARING omission on my behalf, and for that, i am sorry

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@TreavorScales Mannnnnnnnn the tight shirt flexing moments the 2 of you must've shared

colli — if you want the workout routine, just ask, pal.

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New morning routine includes watching @TreavorScales on ESPN + 🙌🏾


i love that shot of devonta with an arm around his coach.

Who is your favorite dynasty since 2000?

Quoted @TreavorScales

najee the best player on the field tonight

once again, bump

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NATTY SHOW! Come party with the crew @jasonfitz @itsthebaldgirl @TreavorScales @garystriewski and more as we get you set for the title game!

we rollin!!!

wake up. watch this on espn+. repeat m-f beginning at 6a est and on demand all daggone day. sportsnation. for the people

thank god

just don’t let them get a field goal before you score again, guys

alright man what the hell is this

browns fans, i’m thrilled for you right now. i also understand if you’re ridden with anxiety right about now

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